Dancefloor blues


By Eudiah Kamonjo. 

You are at a party or in the club, the music is great, your company excellent. All your friends are on the dance floor moving into an unbelievable piece of fancy or freaky choreography. You want to dance, but you simply cannot.

Dancing has always been perceived as a display geared towards encouraging procreation. If you like the way she dances, you’ll probably feel the need to have a slightly different dance, this time just the two of you. Isn’t this the way more dancers are concieved? 

Dancing is also a great way of releasing tension and keeping fit. No wonder most dance floors are fuller on Fridays. Otherwise, you’d be home slumped on the sofa watching T.V. and waiting for another stressful Monday but you are here trying to get your groove on.

Discolights on, awesome music, beer or wine in plenty oh! and good-looking fun lasses and lads around. So why are you still seated watching others dance, yet knowing you can dance too? It’s not that you haven’t done this before NO! You’ve been dancing all your life (well, as far as you can remember) but something’s holding you back. Is it that you have a myriad of things on your mind? Are you embarrassed about your pathetic dance skills, if any. Or are you in the wrong place?

Whatever the case, there are days like these; even for professional dancers. Infact, it’s sort of like the writer’s block. Luckily, this is just a social occasion and you can make the best of it. Did you hear that danceable tune; try to get up from your seat? Did you feel like you were dancing without psyche? Did you gave it all up and go back to your seat? Yes?

Stop worrying, you are here to have fun, throw all your inhibitions to the wind. Get down there and just move, shake, strut, or sway…just dance however way the music takes you. Whatever style, rhythm or movement; just dance. Make use of the little or much space available. Use your imagination… you can choose to imagine you are alone, no one is watching you. This would be especially ideal for those who are afraid of dancing because they think everyone is watching them. Or you can imagine you are performing for them; knowing they are watching you keenly; this is for people who love attention or just being on the spotlight. Attention from others just inspires them. I’ve been told a thousand times that one can tell what a person will be like in bed by the way they dance. Does it mean that those whose balance and style is questionable are not any good?  Others cannot dance without having had some alcohol. They say slight amounts of it give them the courage to not only dance but flirt too.These guys enjoy themselves immensely, staggering and almost falling as they dance. They are blissfully unaware of the limitless space and people around them. Come three a.m and they are ‘dead’. However, dancing also depends on the music, you simply cannot dance to music or beats you don’t like. When we feel and completely internalize it, the music or beats naturally becomes part of us and we let it out through dancing.  Make your dance look effortless; the slightest hint of ‘trying’ makes it look unnatural or plain old ‘bad’. And don’t just move one part of the body, let your entire body feel the music…. be like a peacock, proudly show off what you are doing. Co-ordination of all your body parts is really important( of course unless you want to be a comedian for a few minutes; why not imagine you are being electrocuted. Let go of your arms, knees, bottoms-everything. Don’t frown, erase that serious business look. Let your eyes, mouth and entire body tell how much you fun you are having.       


One Response to “Dancefloor blues”

  1. Peter Says:

    You make me feel like dancing right now…………… Nice piece of literature


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