By Eudiah Kamonjo.


In painful abandon

I let my heart go and bond with his

Yet I knew what danger there lay

I let my soul melt with his

And lead me where I’d never been


I had been told

That love was weakness

I’d found out that

It was the riskiest thing one ever had to give

To share

To let in you breed


There were daily heavens

When we walked hand in hand

There were frequent hells

When his touch was absent


In sweet surrender, I let it be

In a little embarrassment, he let it be so


The wonder of souls feeding on each other

Seemed so far-fetched

The consequence of his absence

Led to painful resolves


My dreams without him beside

Were with nightmares complete


To keep my bed occupied

A myriad others were present

And as was written

The last taboo was fulfilled


He had found

Used condoms under my bed!




One Response to “Opps(Poetry)”

  1. perminus Says:

    admit that luv is the riskiest thing to give out.its effect is so powerfull that it changes people.with no control over it,people will do anythin to stay in touch with love.


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