Poetry(this day, this one)


By Eudiah Kamonjo.

This day…. this one

Beats the dawning chill

Walks from Kibera to Embakasi

 Envying the man on the front seat Of that black Hummer

But knowing full well he will never get there

Unless….Unless he hits the merry jackpot! 

This day…. this one

Walks down the pathway Even as flying toilets explode ‘boob’!Right at his face

And he has to choose

To go back and change then face the wrath of Rajesh the boss

This day…. this one

Still seats at the reception 

Awaiting her cheque which should have been ready  Three months ago 

This day…… this one

Might just runaway to Uganda With that truck driverRather than go back home empty handed 

This day…This one

Puts the cart before the horse and pays for it  

Disappointments Conmen

In this city in the sun

Where each day is a story to tell

And every dream pushes you on 

This day….. this one

Carries her baby behind her back Sells tomatoesEven as City Council dudes

Do the thing they love best

But she fights on

If only to place some ugali on the table

Oh!! The thought of her husband

Sleeping all day makes her sick

But still she pushes on 

This day this one

Is killed for owing some debt

Another one ventures into a new biz

Unafraid of the challenges 

this days We live on…. Even as the day looks grim 

This day…. everyday….

Is a story of rocking and rolling Working and quittingEating and starving

In this so called  ‘Green city in the sun.’ 


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