Poetry-The Suitcase


By Eudiah Kamonjo 

It was empty when I was born

Mum and dad carried it for me In a while, it began to possess

I loved the fact, I had began to have my own  It was light and full of wonderful things

I carried it wherever I went; to play, parties, school It continued to grow in size

As I brought absolutely new stuff

When my breasts began to grow  I decided to hide it when I thought it would hurt

Dad and Mum or David himself 

Soon on my own, I did not even look inside

I enjoyed my freedom, I let it be 

It came a time, I was prime of age, or so I thought

And I blindly jumped I got bruised I got burnt

And my suitcase almost burst 

I couldn’t carry it on my own

I needed a lift but no one was there I dragged it with me, its contents almost spill

I searched and searched for the perfect help  When I found him, I felt stupid

He had always been there waiting for me 

2 Responses to “Poetry-The Suitcase”

  1. mattemma Says:

    hello eudiahkamonjo,

    thanks for visiting my blog, really hope you’ll continue appreciating my articles 🙂

    God Bless,


  2. dennis dancan mosiere Says:

    It is great to have a blog.your poetry is nice.keep it up.c mine blog too


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