Girls Only

The art of the heart
By Eudiah Kamonjo.

It’s girls’ night out tonight and Tasha, Martha, Pauline and I meet at Café Cream as we always do when it’s that time of the month.
Over coffee, we get into gossip. I had made a resolution early this year vowing never to gossip ever again but here I was….doing it like it was no evil thing.

I guess it is one of those things that come naturally for all ladies, as natural as chocolate or shopping addiction, I guess. Sometimes, we do not even realize we are actually doing it.
Martha works as a manger at Café Cream so we just had to wait for her to close up-which was really okay with us. Who wants to go out so early anyway…it is said that the real fun begins after 11 pm.

It’s been a while since we had a girls’ night out because each one of us had been dating, plus every time we made arrangements something always came up. Martha emerges from her office and joins in the conversation for a while. She is dressed in a black mini skirt suit and I like that she can get away with the fish net stockings finish. She announces that she’s getting married very soon but declines to give us more details of this juicy story.

Tasha’s boyfriend (who is out of town) keeps calling her asking her who where and who she’s with. Everyone keeps telling her to leave the dude (he has ‘played’ her a thousand times before) but she won’t quite hear none of it. She reacts, “Better the dog you know than the one you don’t.” The lass is deeply in love and there is simply nothing we can do about it. Sometimes I wonder whether she’s really in love, obsessed or that she has grown too attached to him over the last three years.

Pauline and I, well, we got it all figured out (or so we think). We are enjoying our unattached status and hope it lasts as long as we live or at least until our hair starts to gray. Everyone insists we go change and then pick Martha up later. Tasha is the only one who has a car and I must say I do not envy her at all; the rounds she has to make (for us), I say!
Hours later, everyone is ready but I insist we pass by the Village Market first; I have to rate Saxo, the fairly new Jazz bar at Village Market.

The warm welcoming colours and soft jazz music lead me to fantasize of a quite evening with a blind date and I’m thinking ‘Perfect place for an undramatic soothing evening.’

We ride off to Galileo to drink and dance. Maureen, besides being a stunning Kenyan-Ethiopian beauty is a great dancer who absolutely has no ounce of shame or shyness in her blood. She makes heads turn everywhere we go and our table always hosts an additional chair for those smitten by her beauty. How we laugh at the poor lads who always get the brush off!
I forgot to mention that she’s not just a ‘blonde’, she has the brains too. And I ain’t talking about tonnes of information loaded in her brain but also the sly way she uses her knowledge on most unsuspecting of lads.

Casablanca is a must go; it’s not only classy but has a touch of exciting ‘jujus’ all around.
I thought I had the night all figured out. I thought we’d spend the rest of the night at Casablanca. At least one successful girls’ night out with my favourite lasses. Boy was I wrong!

Out of the blue, Pauline decides she wants to join some guy at Black Cotton. We all chorused ‘But this is a girls’ night out!” “I know but Black Cotton is only twice a month and I did not attend the last one.”
She takes a cab.

As I’m trying to understand what just happened, I get a call-that I was urgently needed; it was an emergency. I swore that if this was anyone’s idea of a joke, I’d definitely send someone straight to heaven on a bike!
I had thought the girls night out would end on this note but the two girls (Martha and Tasha) dropped me off and headed for Casablanca.

They knew that the true spirit of the night is not just about set procedures or peoples’ company but what is in the heart. The art of the heart. The heart that craves to remain happy or gay no matter the circumstance or disappointment.

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