Green Piece(poetry)

By Eudiah Kamonjo.

Chocking this throat of mine
Blurring my eyes that used to be so fine
Burying me deep into self pity like I had no dime
Threatening the very essence of me.

Taking me to places and times
Showing me true psychic powers
Things unseen told to me by these voices
Pushing me deeper into my own shadows

Time came for me to act
Yet all I could do was watch as things begot hot
And the strange shadows revealed the lust
That took place even as I was host

These strange shadows; the affair revealed to my conscience
These strange shadows led me to conceive
An act I felt would be a disapprove
These strange shadows just would not let me breathe

Slashing that throat of hers
Finishing off that manhood of his
Blurring my eyes with blood
Mixed with pain, hurt, love and betrayal
My best friend and my own mate
Their dead secret strange shadows still follow mine….

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