Truth (poetry)

By Eudiah Kamonjo

Moving through the crowded streets
Dead end stories thwarten
Writers’ blocks threaten
The sun’s majestic glory is totally spent
The moon’s slow pace approaches the set
You said, “There’s no point in digging deeper
You will never find the answers hither”
I believed it!
Shred my books, sold my camera as dreams split
Distributed my dollars worth pens to my applicant lovers
Those who’d failed the ultimate test.
Went to “find myself”- not in the coastal town of sexual bliss
But to Nanyuki where I let nature speak to me without cease.

Then a voice as firm as conscience
Rang over and over and over
“Ukweli umefichwa, nenda tafuta.”
“Kwenye Benki, Kwenye Benki”
“Ukweli umefichwa, Nenda Nenda!”

So I went, bought me new books and pens
Didn’t tell my spouse (he thinks I have one lose screw in my head……….just one)
Hired Shakir, the motor bike rider even as he insisted:
“Lakini ujue mimi ni shoga.. damu.”

By faith I moved; every stone I turned
Every person I questioned.
Still no answers,
No truth
But Franz Kafka’s words ran through
‘The world will freely open itself up to you.
To be unmasked.
It has no choice; it will roll in ecstasy at your feet’

June-by-June, I moved,
Puzzled through every data, every record,
turning pages, burning the midnight oil.
Hurried on in hope of truth.
Hurried back for lack of resources.
My account had ran dry, yet I couldn’t stop!
Shakir threatened to go back home to his mate.
In despair I walked along the Brazilian beach
Then ”Ukweli umefichwa. Nenda tafuta,
Nenda kule. Nenda!”

Now I knew l’d been chosen by writers of age
Their hands were upon me, but why me?
Might I have hallucinated from the ‘mo fire’ I’d kissed after leaving the editors chambers?
I tried to turn back, but the voice…..
It was real, it was so real….

I remember lighting fires
I remember dodging bullets in Sudan
I remember the desert storm sparing me
I remember seeing faces hearing voices
Shakir whispering “ Mimi sasa ni wako,
Mie sio shoga tena. Nakupenda kama sukari.”
Then the awakening voice
“Ukweli umefichwa, nenda tafuta. Nenda. Nenda!”

A million times more fearless,
I raked and searched
I remember going crazy on finding out the truth
Millions of dollars stolen from Anglo-Ohangala’s fame, hidden in the Thai lady’s account.

Then like Saul I was caught
Like a fish entangled in a net
Saul had taken his usual “roundies”
Then by God found a kingdom
Now by God the voice was sent
And I’d found something that would
Unscrew truth itself.

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