From the Poetry Book-They Told it Best


By Eudiah Kamonjo.

When he was mine

I uttered he wasn’t or remained mum

I left him at home in search of an art

Like a rampant hippopotamus on heat

With exquisite adrenaline the night I hit

When he was mine

I felt he wasn’t not even a dime

Though he spoke of love, passion and bliss

I spoke of tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow.

When he was mine

My body was fulfilled though robbed of rest

But my soul with emptiness it throbbed

My spirit wavered like a bird looking for a worm

I tried to leave

But I was too attached

Well, until the holy of holies

Hit me with a bolt of madness.

When he was mine

I was the diligent ‘wife’

The ‘sassy mademe’ of night

But at dawn I wished for Venus

Sometimes Brunus or both

When he was mine

I was feminine and vulnerable

Away, I fought ruthlessly

And I felt like a man

I think I carried with me his manly side

When he was mine

I wanted to leave

And on that day

The House of Yahweh

Said the world would end

I left….

Now, I have no idea

Whether I still live in the same world

All I know is

He is there

And I am here…..


One Response to “From the Poetry Book-They Told it Best”

  1. Kenyan Vixen Says:

    Yes, it is absolutely hard to leave someone you have been with for a long time. It takes ‘guts’. A lot of us ladies are stuck in realtionships we aren’t worth just because we are scared of starting all over again. I think this poem explains it all….


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