From the poetry book ‘Is it any wonder’

Castles and Prisons

 By Eudiah Kamonjo

Everybody knows that they’ just pranksters

Power hungry freaks from head to toe  

Why do we listen to their bickering?

And butt naked lies?

Why do we watch the news at 9?

Expecting something better to be said???

Only to see them make utter fool of themselves

Isn’t it enough that our taxes

Keep them at Runda

Isn’t it enough that our shoes are worn out

From the long walk from Umoja to Westlands?  

Has in this place remainedNo chosen one

Is the most sought out justice

The toughest to find?


Hope?I feel like we have lost it

Yet I know it lingers somewhere beneath

Peaceful bliss, justice and a nations’ success

I still haven’t seen 

 Yet when my small black ass

Lies on that skinny mattress

My dreams reveal to me a nation most great

You know…..-like Guinness  

A lie, a deception, an inhuman face

A heart so mean,Hidden in the name of leadership

 Your castle, our prison

Will come to an ultimate end

Like an unexpected ejaculation

 In the mid of a bj      


2 Responses to “From the poetry book ‘Is it any wonder’”

  1. Kingwa Kamencu Says:

    Woah! Powerful stuff. I’m more familiar with the ‘sensual’ poetry but this one is hot. Very powerful. That book mama….that book…..


  2. eudiahkamonjo Says:

    geez, thank you KK, you have been the greatest encouragement i have come across. Thank you!!!!! You are a great writer yourself………..


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