From the collection ‘Books i have read’


Reviewed By Eudiah Kamonjo

Last evening, on my way from my parents’ house, a friend of mine gave me Kimberly Arungah’s first poetry collection book ‘An attraction of the poles’.

On the cover page was this lady whose eyes were so deep I had to ask. “Why have you given me this book? He replied, “Because I know you love poetry’. Great! Soon as I got home, I started to read this book wondering (at each turn of the page) how much of a coincidence this was.

See, I have just started working on a collection of the books I have read and this one has inspired me to share with the rest of the world.

To make matters better, today I bought my copy of True Love magazine and saw her again –Kimberly Arungah (Kimmy) on the ‘Meet the Reader’ section on PG 127. 

Kimmy has been suffering from Bipolar since 1996 when she was 14 years old. This is a disorder characterized by extreme shifts in a persons’ mood or energy. It is defined by two extreme poles, the high maniac episode (the positive side allowing one to express their talents) and the low, depression episode which leaves one feeling really down. Inspite of this, Kimberly, now 25 years old recently completed her studies in IT and web design at Magan College and in creative art at the Creative Art School. She is currently attending Kainani Indian Dance School in Parklands twice a week and will be joining a Bible College soon. She has performed poems and songs in various venues like schools and churches.‘An attraction of the poles’  is a collection of poetry expressing her true bipolar feelings.

The book is highly inspirational and well-designed in terms of illustrations, design and photography.My personal favourite is the poem ‘Heart of butter’ which simply makes my heart sing-or maybe it’s because I can identify with her???? ‘Heart of butter’ was probably written during her positive mood- emotionally high episode. It talks about ‘an angel who visits her and whose face glows with love, peace and gentleness. The angel, whose name she knows not, dried her sinful nature and sang to her.Kimmy dreams of her every day and is patiently waiting for her next visit…..a beautiful emotional piece.

 Her collection entails more love poems that I expected and ‘Tempting Desire’ is one moving one too with a couple of very creative phrases spread out in the paras……Check this out …’I am naked, you see my desire’.and  ‘If this fiery desire were true, Garden of Eden would be the garden of wishes because then I would understand how badly Eve wanted to quench her desire’.

The poem ‘My better bipolar world’  will truly inspire people living in depression or those suffering from the bipolar condition.The poem basically talks about things she has done to enable her cope with he bipolar condition.   That when she learnt to accept her bipolar condition and not compare herself with other people’ she got better.Kimmy says that she consistently reviews her list of positive qualities and concluded by asking people to stop the stigma. 

Conclusion; A beautiful-heart–moving collection that will obviously make a difference in peoples lives in one way or another.         

One Response to “From the collection ‘Books i have read’”

  1. rosemary muthoni Says:

    Hi eudiah, my name is rozie muthoni, hope this message finds you well. I am kimberley arungahs mother. The young lady who wrote a collection of poems an attraction of the poles. Wow! I just happened to be surfing an was so touched with an article you wrote in 2007 about your feelings on the boklet and as her mum i was greatly touched. I cannot believe it has taken 6 years for me to see this today. Thank you very very much it may be long time but you really touched me. My email is my facebook is rozie muthoni. Are you in kenya. Kindly be advised that we are in india at apollos hospital in ahmedabad. You will not believe that after several years of kimmy suffering from bipolar we realised a blood count disorder of which the drs in kenya feel have been contributed by the bipolar drugs as inducement, now they have diagonised her with leukemia and she is now going through chemotherapy. He facebook page is kimberley arungah my journey with leukemia please visit the page lets stay in touch and kindly send me your contacts as i did not see them on the blog have a nice day and once again thank you very very much for the article you wrote about kimmy and may almighty bless you.


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