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From the ‘Not in jeans’ collection

November 26, 2007

Drums and Eyes

By Eudiah Kamonjo

She was killed by drums and eyes

And the fanatics of old

And the emptiness of a marriageTo a man  

She was killed by drums and eyes

And the sweet perfume

Of the fellow lass she craved

But couldn’t be with 

She was killed by drums and eyes

Of the words she’d spoken

As their sexuality unnaturally interlocked

And her starry eyes

As she bent over to kiss her lips

 She was killed by drums and eyes

The harsh words her husband spoke

And his eyes which tried to search

For answers as to why she didn’t love him

She was killed by drums and eyes

That saw and heard

Her will

The one she’d scripted in black and white

What was evil; according to their Drums and eyes….

The Biz at Apple Bees

November 23, 2007

The Bees at Apple Bees

Last evening, i finally visited one of the places that has been the talk of town. Apple Bees-the new strip pub situated somewhere in downtown Nairobi, Kenya. I have been dying to go see whats so fascinating about this place and a friend of mine offered to take me.

He suggested Thursday coz its not as crowded as weekends. I was down for this and was counting down since Monday.

Thursday by 9pm, we were at Apple Bees.

When i first saw where it was located i was like ‘Damn!How can it be here!’ It is located somewhere i have passed by not so many times before but had just never noticed. Anyhows, the inside decor is relatively well done with touches of orange and the yellow and the dim light actually gets you comfy enough not to worry about who’s looking at you staring or getting a lap dance.

I had been warned that i might feel misplaced because of all the men here but you know..i wanted to see…and experience this place first hand. Except the dancers and waitresses, i was like the only lady. By this time, there were three dancers already dancing around, behind and infront of us- All in bikinis-skimpy and wild and…..not bad looking at all!

Erotic dancing i’d call it.

The music was too loud- we couldn’t talk much and we ended up just concentrating on the dancing and sipping on our drinks.I watched in fascination as one lady teased some guys seated infront of us and later as two ladies danced together…

I even got an unimaginable unforgettable very ‘wicked’ lap dance…. Let me not give the sordid details…otherwise your mouth will gape out of shock!!!!

Let’s just say that if you decide to go there, you will leave with more than an ‘out of this world look’-you will definately have fun! or say(like other people around me say ‘That place is just hell on earth. Utajionea mambo!!!!’

I was even introduced to the owner of the place who told me about Toxics’ time here.Toxic- the dancer and CHAT award nominee. I wonder what she’s upto nowadays????  Toxic-i would love to watch you dance!!!!!!

Apple Bees is Full of action and the ladies are just like bees-dangerously sexy with a touch of apple sweet tempatation. i don’t think i would mind going back there again.

What do you guys think of the place? Do tell…..

A new addiction

November 21, 2007

I think its about time i let it out; i have a new addiction.

A few weeks ago, it was chocolate, now its something i’d never imagined.

It seemed so interesting at first to think of it as an addiction but now its so obvious. It has been three weeks since i started grabbing popcorn everyday after lunch.  No matter how much food (and i mean real food) i eat, i still gotta have popcorn. 

 Anyone else gone through such a situation, say chocolate or anything else? How did you manage to get off it?


November 16, 2007


By Radclyffe Hall

Like most of the books I have read, this book came to my attention through a former colleague of mine-by coincidence????!!!!I’d just gone to her house to select a book I could borrow and there it was….She explained how hard it had been to find it and I promised to keep it safe. It is the kind of book that -when you first see it, you wonder whether you will actually ever finish reading it. 

The catchline on the cover reads ‘The bible of lesbianism’. This works both as an advantage and a disadvantage. As a disadvantage because you’d think that this is a book that is intended for lesbians or potential lesbians and teaches the rules of lesbianism. Not at all!!! Infact, its quite the opposite. It’s a story on being misunderstood.An advantage because one becomes curios to know what lesbianism is all about. 

The Well of Loneliness is a story about Stephen Gordon, a girl who grows up as an only child in England. Given a boys name by her well-educated father, Stephen grew up as what people call a ‘tom boy’. She finds herself in a situation that she believes is a genetic disposition to lesbianism. Unfortunately, she only seems to fall in love with heterosexual women.

 Throughout her life, she is referred to as ‘inverted’ or ‘abnormal’. She becomes a famous author and even serves as a driver during the World War. The story climaxes when Stephen –the ‘archetypal masculine lesbian’ has to rescue her lover-the ‘pseudo’  lesbian or what we’d call ‘the bicurious woman’ Mary Llewellyn from the fate of being a homosexual. Stephen pretends she doesn’t love Mary anymore so she could let her (Mary) get married to a man.

The book is set in the early 20th Century; a time when lesbianism was not even legal. People who have reviewed this book believe that it is a book that is better not read by lesbians. I’d say that this is because the book doesn’t really have a happily-ever-after-ending for the heroine Stephen and portrays lesbianism as a situation where one is unhappy and never really accepted by society. The piece is pretty emotional and one can easily get lost and engrossed in the pain and time period.Hall is a great writer and I really enjoyed reading this heart-moving classical book.

 What you ought to know 

The Well of Loneliness was first published in England in 1928 but because of its ‘perceived’ ‘lesbian content’ (which is not true ; the book doesn’t even have any pornographic or sexually explicit content) was banned under the obscenity law and wasn’t sold in UK for decades. It was published in USA and was even sold in France before it was later distributed in UK. 

From ‘They told it best’

November 3, 2007


By Eudiah Kamonjo 

He’s got a name

He’s got that African rhythm that rhymes

With everything under the sun

So he can dance to rock, to soul, to benga

Whatever takes his beat. 

He’s the one dressed in cowboy suit

He’s the knight that charmed

The man dominating today’s Wangu wa Makeri

 He’s sensual, he’s sweet

He’s tough, he’s spontaneous

He’s wild, he’s tender

He is the other half of you and I 

He’s the model of whatsoever is Yellow and mellow

Without sorrow, without bellow

 He prefers variety

Alone, he’s not lonely

But see, he goes asway

With plenty on his way 

He’s among the misinterpreted

The elusive new age bliss bachelor

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