A new addiction

I think its about time i let it out; i have a new addiction.

A few weeks ago, it was chocolate, now its something i’d never imagined.

It seemed so interesting at first to think of it as an addiction but now its so obvious. It has been three weeks since i started grabbing popcorn everyday after lunch.  No matter how much food (and i mean real food) i eat, i still gotta have popcorn. 

 Anyone else gone through such a situation, say chocolate or anything else? How did you manage to get off it?


5 Responses to “A new addiction”

  1. mtani Says:

    Hi Eudiah, i am new here at wordpress. http://www.mtani.wordpress.com
    Don’t worry i have been there; i am so addicted to croissants….they are so soft and sweet especially the cheese/chocolate ones…………..


  2. Andy Zawadi Says:

    Yeah, was addicted to kebabs which did cost me 50 sh daily until i realized there exists Keringet and Dasani so now i have a new pal, hand in hand we stroll Nairobi streets; MINERAL WATER!


  3. eudiahkamonjo Says:

    Wow Zawadi, I had no idea even guys go through stuff like that!!!!!!
    I guess i could try water too


  4. Masupalami Says:

    Kwani Eudiah u think that man and women are different how? We do go thru stuff like that albeit u may consider it ‘manly’ stuff..like Andy’s kebabs – MEAT!

    Though up until sometime back i did have an addiction to after-supper tea: regardless of the fact that i would just have had done stunts equivalent to the ‘THIS-HUGE-LUMP-OF_UGALI’ ad..i just had to make me a cuppa..

    The solution was somethin’ else..


  5. afrodream 'n' beaded sandals Says:

    Eating btwn meals , i used to do that till my weight was going out control. Mamamia, i had to stp everything in btwn meals. No samubasa’s, bajia, mahamu, barafu, Viazi karai, Ice creams , njugu and list is endless. I stp and believe me if u want to stop it u will do.

    Just sema tu urself from leo mimi no to eating in btwn meals. B4 u knw it u’ll be burst eating vitu ndogo ndogo sasa zote.

    I was 110kg 6.5fts tall. just image how huge i was. Now i hv stp almost a year and half, i hv shed 15 kgs


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