The Biz at Apple Bees

The Bees at Apple Bees

Last evening, i finally visited one of the places that has been the talk of town. Apple Bees-the new strip pub situated somewhere in downtown Nairobi, Kenya. I have been dying to go see whats so fascinating about this place and a friend of mine offered to take me.

He suggested Thursday coz its not as crowded as weekends. I was down for this and was counting down since Monday.

Thursday by 9pm, we were at Apple Bees.

When i first saw where it was located i was like ‘Damn!How can it be here!’ It is located somewhere i have passed by not so many times before but had just never noticed. Anyhows, the inside decor is relatively well done with touches of orange and the yellow and the dim light actually gets you comfy enough not to worry about who’s looking at you staring or getting a lap dance.

I had been warned that i might feel misplaced because of all the men here but you know..i wanted to see…and experience this place first hand. Except the dancers and waitresses, i was like the only lady. By this time, there were three dancers already dancing around, behind and infront of us- All in bikinis-skimpy and wild and…..not bad looking at all!

Erotic dancing i’d call it.

The music was too loud- we couldn’t talk much and we ended up just concentrating on the dancing and sipping on our drinks.I watched in fascination as one lady teased some guys seated infront of us and later as two ladies danced together…

I even got an unimaginable unforgettable very ‘wicked’ lap dance…. Let me not give the sordid details…otherwise your mouth will gape out of shock!!!!

Let’s just say that if you decide to go there, you will leave with more than an ‘out of this world look’-you will definately have fun! or say(like other people around me say ‘That place is just hell on earth. Utajionea mambo!!!!’

I was even introduced to the owner of the place who told me about Toxics’ time here.Toxic- the dancer and CHAT award nominee. I wonder what she’s upto nowadays????  Toxic-i would love to watch you dance!!!!!!

Apple Bees is Full of action and the ladies are just like bees-dangerously sexy with a touch of apple sweet tempatation. i don’t think i would mind going back there again.

What do you guys think of the place? Do tell…..

31 Responses to “The Biz at Apple Bees”

  1. mike kamanu Says:

    the only time i went there i was very drunk but ba tha time i was chucking i was completely sober from all tha wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that i saw there.but its getting compe from Liddos club they even have a kamasutra night


  2. Kenyan Vixen Says:

    hi E, lotsa variety in that place …i love it!!!! Some of those lasses can really bring the house down. They can dance and they have no shame! Kudos!!!!


  3. Jaluo Njuga Says:

    ….was ther last night, there is this one lady wild she even stripped all and started pouring beer all over herself, man, the things she did with that glass…… true this is hell on earth or is it the bible sodom na gomorra


  4. perminus Says:

    would anyone try wat they saw at apple bees at home,would ur woman do it 4 u.would ur man entertain u doin it for someone else,thats the big question


  5. eudiahkamonjo Says:

    Perminus, are you saying that you would never want to be entertained by your wife or chic even in the confines of your bedroom?


  6. josephat Says:

    I went there and was tonge tied at the VIP room.there u see everything,ndogo kwa kubwa.
    I would encourage guys who like women to go there so that their appetite on women can go down. why? because all the pussys look alike. there is no difference from one to another.


  7. mona Says:

    apples bees is kinda dark, and even better coz peple mind their own biz, but i’ve actually been to liddos as well and its kinda different looking. much smaller and more lit up. the girls here dance more on the bar. the problem with liddos, too much touching and far less dancing. it was entertaining though, definietely fun to watch the girls dance and watch the men act like drooling fools!


  8. Monicah Gichohi Says:

    wow, i might go there today


  9. Steve Says:

    Also try Liddos near firestation. It is better.


  10. Ian Says:

    Never bn to any strip club kwani wea ar they located coz i juz hear guyz talkn about it. hope il get a chic to take me there one day.


  11. kwenda Says:

    kwendeni huko, mbali na Kenya. what kind of things you people do, God forbid. shidwe!!!!! mtachomeka nyote…. ngoja tu..


  12. Naughty by nature Says:

    I love LIDDOS and the crazy girls down there. I even married one of them.


  13. wams Says:

    Hmm wat are you talking abt I went there got a kamkao who liked me very much we ended up going to my place 4 one night she was so nice in bed . We became more tight the place is nice though expe… Talking abt APLLA BEES


  14. wams Says:

    I mean APPLE BEES


  15. Tish Says:

    Can somebody who knows the place direct me


  16. Jagem Says:

    Hi guys, I was at the club and enjoyed every bit of it however they drugged me with some stuff, I couldnt even tell what. Ended loosing my whole wallet with twenty one thousand, eye glasses. The place is okay but they should drop the tabia, it will scare us off.


  17. toxic Says:

    all lies…you didnt meet me


  18. Marto Says:

    07′ was there, rather nyce


  19. clemoh Says:

    thot of coming there, but if thy puts mchele kwa drinks hell no!!!


  20. Big john Says:

    Try smallworld, worse than hell near tahiti


  21. Big john Says:

    Try smallworld, worse than hell near tahiti


  22. Naughty by nature Says:

    Yes, try Smallworld.

    Forget what your mother has teached you about life, about places you should not go, about girls you should not meet, about things you should not do – after she met your father.

    Buy yourself a beer, sit down and enjoy the PoleDance, the LapDance and horny girls. The girls are yours and both life and Junior is going hi. Im crazy. I like to sit down, close to the pole, and get excited. When I get too excited I lean forward and lick her clit. My Kikuyu-freind likes it so much and we both enjoy it together. But this is not for schoolboys which have their mothers waiting at home for them.

    In LIDDOS you can also bring your girlfriend. I brought a girlfriend to LIDDOS and I found my wife there. She is the best girl I have ever met. And she is very good – as a wife, as a girlfreind, as a mother to our child, as a daughter in law etc.

    Thahiti is also nice. A very good and naughty friend is dancing there.
    In BARRELS on Langata you will get surpriced.

    DoNT forget that you just live once and that your life is short. So when you are in The Garden of Eden – ENJOY THE GIRLS AND YOURSELF.


  23. josephat mwachala Says:

    I hear there is live sex nowadays. Can someone confirm please?


  24. ananymous Says:

    where is liddos situated


  25. Arif Says:

    I never thot it’s a strip club, till I saw those ads. Kai ! The bibilical ‘Wide Road’ gets all the wider, huh?


  26. josephat mwachala Says:

    I used to like women before, but when I went there, I noticed that all pussys look alike. Since then I have been very honest to my wife. All promiscuous men should visit the place to appreciate that all women are the same.


  27. Mike Says:

    anybody been to small world lately?how’s the joint?


  28. jakom Says:

    was there last weekend and i dont knw whether to call the place heaven or earth…mazee pale kama huna roho u will run away…by pm the gals are doing their things…bj,live sex……its a cool joint..


  29. Estaban Says:

    Its wow


  30. jean pierre Says:

    rubish aple bee was empty door stafe rud dirty and place to avoide go to barels ok it isent very well decorated but at least the staff are polite and thay have vip room if you girl friends up for it u hook up with a girl and guy for 4 some now thats fun


  31. Heather Says:

    You really put together a number of superb tips in your posting, “The Biz at Apple
    Bees |”. I may possibly be heading back to ur web site shortly.
    With thanks -Lourdes


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