Life after the 2007 Kenya elections

Life after the 2007 Kenya elections:

No Longer At Ease

By Eudiah Kamonjo

I wish I could say Happy New Year to you with ease! It is hard. It is hard as hell for those words to emanate from my mouth with pure honesty.

Everyone around the world knows what is happening to Kenya; the election aftermath- a blood bath characterized by bloodshed around the country, thousands of displaced people, gunshots in the middle of the night and screams of women being raped.

In all honesty, I would never have thought that Kenya would ever really come to this; yes, I have had visions hinting on something like this but at the time I thought it was just that-a dream, a baseless fear. Now, I walk down the same street I have walked for over twenty years in fear, I have no idea whether the person next to me might start beating me up or slashing me with a panga on the bases of my ethnicity/tribe.  

The thought of going to work is now horrendous to say the least, I have no idea whether I might just get laid off work tomorrow, no idea whether I will make it back to my house, will I even have a house to get back to or will it be all burnt down to ashes. With shops all closed down, where will I even get food to eat? 

Everyone is hoping and longing for things to get back to the way they were but I doubt they ever will. How can they ever? How does one get an entire house upright again without his business running or even pay that loan without a job? How does he get his wounded foot back? How does she not forget what happened to her son or to her? 

 I know I will miss the times when my girlfriends and I would go out alone for a late night movie.

We pray for restoration of peace to our beloved country but I worry …still….

My greatest worry is how will we ever trust and love the same people who tried to hurt us?  

The only words that keep me going. The words that keep ringing in my head are ‘Thank God you have the gift of life’.     

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