‘Warning bells’-From ‘is it any wonder’ collection

Warning Bells

By Eudiah Kamonjo

My cellphone rings

The vibration crashes me with its wierdness

Its rough and cold

Against my wooden desk

You say hallo three times 

My conscience sucks in your voice

Like a child who hasn’t had a lollipop for months

Sprinkled with drops of revenge

For things done……..but not by me 

Everyday, I have wondered

When finally that call would come

The one whose message means that

Your courage has overcome you

Or you have outridden your courage

And loved the fact that you can bring me to my knees 

Everything around me tells me that today is the day

When finally you shall reveal

The passionate hate you have for me

And finally bury me in total instability 

I know I should flee

But times are different and these are the times

The times when everyone else is killing everyone else

From Eldoret to Kisumu to Mombasa

Post-election aftermath; they call it

But I want to know

Was my angel right?

Or was my pessimism too high?

High as a man on ‘coke’ 

Every single object and organism around me

Is bleeding for my attention

Trying to reveal what is likely to happen 

But see, my heart ain’t beating like it should

Out of fear and worry

Of the pain I will feel

When finally you sink

All that anger and frustration

Not caused by me

Through that knife

Into my very soul 

My soul just worries

Will she be understood

Will her words be shared to the world

Or lost in this format 

My soul; it wants to live in my poetry

And with the warning bells it cries..  


3 Responses to “‘Warning bells’-From ‘is it any wonder’ collection”

  1. mike mwangi Says:

    very nice i share the same feelings with u.God bless our lovely country


  2. anonymouske Says:

    hope that day never comes. we are all brothers and sisters ought to love each other.


  3. clive Says:

    beautifully poetic.i feel you.


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