A time for everything

I have read that verse so many times….never really occurred to me that there would ever be a time for war in my world…

Or a time i might need to admit i fancy-really fancy someone so much so that i think about how he will look like when he is old..

 Or a time i would finally admit that i long to live like an average woman my age;

It has come a time that i really need to let go of my fears of what people think of me or what they will say about me…

 Maybe after all i will live a normal life; a life whereby  i will experience all the seasons set by the one above, just like everyone else….

 I turn 24 yrs old in a few days; February 6th Wednesday and i have to admit, i long to see what life has in store for me.

But i have already started preparing a script for the one whose name is ‘Life’

…I will sit across life and tell her ( I usually think of life as a woman not a man-sorrrrry!!!) exactly what i want for my life. I will then let her speak and listen to her silent words telling me what she has in store for me-though i know that she wil not tell me everything…………

One Response to “A time for everything”

  1. perminus Says:

    they say life is a bitch ,dont know why but i would think life was a He


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