A Girls Fate (from the ‘Not in Jeans’ collection)

A Girl’s Fate

By Eudiah Kamonjo

 I looked deep into her bright eyes

Eyes that had seen heaven unfold

She said she wanted us to get married

I told her it’d never happen

Not in this world, not in this lifetime 

Her eyelashes couldn’t stop batting

Like a duck on high alert and

Warned of impending doom 

But what could I have said?

Her soul was one that’d easily melt

Infront of a jury of a thousand men

And admit I was all she lived for 

She was soft as a rose

She was sweet as candy

And mellow as my favourite cocktail

And though they said that Angels can be deceiving

Her heart was painfully clear as crystal 

She cried and mutteredI hugged her

But my mouth was gagged by thoughts of her pain and guilt

If she stuck by me

She kissed me with fiery passion

My senses responded

And as she lay in my arms that night

She begged me never to leave her for a man 

As the rain fell long and hard

On our ceiling-less roof

I knew I had to leave

No one could survive

The accusing eyes, the sharp words

From a family degraded

By a girls’ fate   

3 Responses to “A Girls Fate (from the ‘Not in Jeans’ collection)”

  1. perminus Says:

    quite interesting,is it based on a true story.u have a gud command of english and a way with words.


  2. Eudiah Kamonjo Says:

    I just leave it for the readers or listeners to interpret for themselves….


  3. clement Says:

    a valiant venture into the realm of the morally outcast

    In the art of soceital responsiveness we have learnt to cave in to the pressures of those in our environment, though the inescapable truth is that we are all in it for a pat on the back…we’re all desperately trying to fit in, dreading a solitary walk through our existance.

    In reality, we all do in times of seclution indulge in thoughts and acts that we barely admit even to ourselves, let alone readily avail or quantify to our better halves,quaters, eighths, or whatever other measures of frienship, fondness, relativity, affection etc as may be possible in human interaction.

    why then do we subject others to humiliation, while we are in essence no better ourselves? thats a story for another day but i would like to point out that selfishness and guilt are some of the primary drives that spur us into negating others thoughts or actions.

    To you, the writer;

    After seeing the look on her face,
    knowing what you felt
    you still walked away
    for the fear, not of what was in your heart
    but of what satisfying that need would cost…
    you’d be outcast from the very soceity u claim to be part and parcel of!

    still, we’d love to know what your own thoughts are on the same.


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