In the line of fire

In the line of fire

 Recently, I publicly admitted that I was working on a collection of poetry on sex; A couple of people applauded me while others (even fellow poets) thought that I was misusing the power of the word. Others warned that I had put myself in the line of fire.

They said that my morals would be questioned, that I would receive all kinds of criticism for challenging the very essence of a conservative society, and that I was risking my own future (even in terms of relationships).

But then again, I would prefer to do it now instead of waiting for someone else to do it. I guess I just don’t wanna grow old wondering why I never did it or wondering who would ever do it!!!

All writers have a unique obligation and a duty to fulfil in this world and it is not all the same for all of us.

4 Responses to “In the line of fire”

  1. edu Says:

    do not let anyone hold back your dreams.
    we already have a sex therapist,strip clubs, sex shops in kenya so ebu tell all those hypocritical conservatives to get with the programme.
    artistes are the mirror of the society and you cant pretend sex is not a big deal in Kenya today!
    so dream eudiah dream and write….


  2. perminus Says:

    let me second edu n say dream n dream.if u do it or dont do it,haters will still bitch.flip side to it is that after u doin it,more poets will come out to do it n imitate.


  3. Antony Mwangi Says:

    Eudiah 4 crying out loud we are here on earth because of sex ama how many people criticising you are test tube babies?
    lets get real and always speak of the reality.
    Sex- missionary
    eurocntric way
    sex the toy way
    sex ghetto kamasutra
    sex the Eudiah way.
    i can sing about it till they drop.
    write on my sista.
    if you only knew the many guys talling you ati not to are more than eager to read about it.


  4. clement Says:

    “unique obligation and a duty”…

    is it really so, do you believe it

    no, better yet, do you believe your stance in life

    wanna know what i honestly think?
    if you didnt doubt yourself an inch, you wouldnt have asked for the moral support, right?!

    if your conscience was at peace, the piece or at least a part of it would be in print and circulation as we speak so to say.

    its not the subject of your writing that really counts, rather the feeling you’re trying to communicate.


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