By Eudiah Kamonjo


Don’t tell me …….

Don’t tell me about JUSTICE

When my heart is raging with worry

About my next meal

About my sisters’ education

About my worries of tomorrow

You tell me to CELEBRATE your political marriage

For a better tomorrow

Yet my grandmas place is flooding

With my nephews and nieces from Molo

You tell me to seek democracy

Yet you suck my very blood

With your greedy needs

Don’t tell me about PEACE

When my world has no more strawberries and cream

When my world is like that of

A zombie walking on the Holy African soil


Dont tell me

About justice and equality

Yet you insight my husbands’ clan into

Chasing me away

And leaving me barren to the hunger of sex wolves

Leaving me naked to the suns’ scotching heat

To feed on my hurting wounds

Take my hand and let me lead you

To a place thats’ equal for all

And its not just handed on a silver platter

You shall work for it!!!

You shall toll!!!!!

and until you are at the same level

You shall enter!!!


Dont tell me about PEACE

In the midst of an unbalanced search

Tell me about togetherness

And the gift of being an African

Tell me about TOUCH

And the gift of honest equality

Tell me about LOVE

 And the believability of the untold truth

Tell me this………….

2 Responses to “DON’T TELL ME”

  1. joyce Says:

    kudos gal, ur really fascinating and this peace excellently done, we need to hear stuff like this. you are a star to watch and elieve me you are going far. go go go Eudiah.


  2. perminus Says:

    u have a beautifull mind.i know u r meant 4 big things.keep doin wat u like doin most


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