Anything for that front page story…

Its shocking isn’t it-when we hear about the levels journalists go to make that front page story. Is being heartless an attribute that comes with success in the trade?

Are there honest journalists out there who haven’t ever recieved any form of T.K.K. for that story…or given T.K.K themselves for them to recieve that leakage? 

3 Responses to “Anything for that front page story…”

  1. joyce Says:

    bravo eudiah for hitting the nail on the head,its a shame to see our journalists report about corruption while they are very much involved in the vice as wel,you are our voice gal congrats for speaking it out.we are watching you eudiah you are expectant with alot we are expecting the best.wel done gal


  2. perminus Says:

    as al said its all about reputation.ull take it to the grave.we all have choices to make that say who we are.


  3. clement Says:

    i think the real question is what we as ‘the human race’ are individually and/or collectively prepared to sacrifice to achieve the vain dreams we envision ourselves in…and worse still have the audacity to call ‘Success’!

    ommission n commission…essentially do not in themselves form a basis for measure of the ends eventually achieved

    PS; sometimes the immensity of the sun’s glare may blind one as to the actual benefits derived from its rays!


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