My Wood Carving-From ‘Not in jeans collection’

My Wood Carving

By Eudiah Kamonjo

You’re my wood carving…….(*)

Carved by my hands and built to last

My African man is no wonder the greatest typhoon

That ever hit the depths

Of my heart, Of my soul

You’re my wood carving(*)

Chiselled with touches

Of purity and fresh inspiration

My African man

Graces the land of gods



He’s my wood carving(*) 

The master piece of my essence(*)

Made from rare wood

And polished with ‘Muthonism’

Yea, i said

The master piece of my essence(*)

Your bow-legged sexiness

Full lips, toned-body and deep voice

Your roaring ruggedy

dark-strong features

they feed my African hunger

…..My wood carving

Dons the spirit of true art

Now rest on my left

Before i am frozen in the time

Of your action-packed gymnastics……

4 Responses to “My Wood Carving-From ‘Not in jeans collection’”

  1. perminus Says:

    u joked about it the other day,when you mentioned wood carving.didnt think u would come up with somethin this good that fast.My African man is no wonder the greatest typhoon that ever hit the depths of my heart, Of my soul(my best line).


  2. GITHINJI Says:

    hi, that was great stuff tonite… especially the way you chose to do it with what’s his name (short guy with the voice).. i love the passion you invoke in your poetry… keep it up. hope to see more of your stuff in future… laters…


  3. Shiroh Says:

    That poem is brill. and was presented really nice.


  4. eudiahkamonjo Says:

    Thanks…owe it all to the spontaneous and talented Anto, he is great!!! Hope he makes it at Idols….


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