My hottest poem

My Hottest Poem

By Eudiah Kamonjo

My hottest poem

came to me on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon

at the brink of noon

Unaware, I had invited what I sought not

And amidst computerized walls

Surrounded by guys and chics with

Yellow ties, pink shirts and green minis

I was immersed in the silence of speaking words

With guts and veins I knew not existed

Consumed by the wings in his voice

Swirling in the intensity of his eyes

I began to melt and I spoke

‘You are hot! So hot! 

 Wewe nimsawa, Aaaaiaiaaiaah! 

Wewe nimsawa,uko sawa 

Wewe nimsawa, uko sawa…..

Aaaaiaiaaiaah!  aaaiaiai!’

The ultimate aphrodisiac

For dangerous ventures that snap and nap

With a hellish kind of zap

Like a mouse trap thats as old

As the clustered stars in your head

Now I am stripped of my time

Yet fulfilled of my need

For a poem that’s in touch with its opposite gender

See, my poem is a hot sexy man

yet a hot sexy mama

And he loves it, lives it and shows it to me

Wewe nimsawa, Aaaaiaiaaiaah!

Wewe nimsawa, uko sawa 

Wewe nimsawa, uko sawa…..

Aaaaiaiaaiaah!  aaaiaiai!

Reverberating at the back of my memory

Is the embrace of the night when he

Engaged me in metaphors of pain and pleasure

Stripped of ignorance and

Looking like a cat that had seen

The goddess of everything dark yet true

I lay in fragments of

Similies and verbs and monologues with myself

Speechless and dead to myself

For a moment of two

My hottest poem

Is now causing lyrics of seduction

To osmosize right through my… body

To the depths of my being

My eyelids loose focus

Threatening to become IDP’s within myself

Wewe nimsawa, Aaaaiaiaaiaah!

Wewe nimsawa,uko sawa 

Wewe nimsawa, uko sawa…..

Aaaaiaiaaiaah!  aaaiaiai!

Now I lie here

Looking down at this poem

Then looking at myself…

Embalmed, fashionated, bathed

By his exposure escapades

Clad in this oversized t-shirt

Surrounded by pillowcases of hot sweat and perfumes of

Instinct and Hope

I hope….

9 Responses to “My hottest poem”

  1. Shiroh Says:

    Wow! Beautiful


  2. tony m. Says:

    You, my dear Eudiah, are the hottest poem, scented of wet svelte sweat and sweet perfume!


  3. Mercy Wanyoike Says:

    That was so beautifully put, the words take you to places of ecstasy


  4. Peter Says:

    I think ya hottest poem is as hot as yaself,
    I mean its such a hot babe,
    A tequilar i’l want to sip every second.
    Thanks for the great talent.


  5. Joe Says:

    God what can a man say?


  6. Luke Says:

    So much verve,so much nerve.Beautiful souls reflect beautiful feelings.This is great work…..


  7. pascal Says:

    good.Very good.Please do more swahili? I find it richer, more captivating…besides the culture is deep and brings out some mystique.Got any published works?


  8. benson Says:

    hmmmm! this is hot :-bd


  9. Kirui Says:

    The poem is just as hot as the author!


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