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Poetry issues; When poetry becomes your lifestyle

May 28, 2008


Thomas Gray once said that ‘Poetry is thoughts that breathe and words that burn’.

I replay these words right now, then look at my life; everyday, a line or two of poetry MUST flow either through my thoughts or right through my veins to my note pad.

Sometimes, its not such a great feeling. Its like a burning need to release that which needs to be let out even when sometimes it doesn’t even make sense to you until much later. Its like you are a channel to some outside force; a human specifically put here for that purpose.

You try to fight it but the passion keeps coming back forcing itself on/in you even in the middle of the night. What has to be said; has to be said. No matter where you are or what time of day it is.

So how do you make poetry your lifestyle? You simply don’t-its just sort of happens. Its part of your everyday thing.

  • You talk about it anytime the need arises; to whoever will listen.

  • You surround yourself with poetry-at work, at school, at home. On your walls, on your desktop, stuck on your fridge, all over your shelves;-everywhere.

  • The hardest part is when you have a partner who doesn’t have the same passion for poetry that you do.

    You will need to share whatever you have written or read with someone who understands the purpose of poetry-anytime;someone you can have a decent /productive discussion on that one line.

I started writing poetry when i was 11 years old and there is just no way i can live without this art.

A day or two without being in touch with it makes me feel like there is something missing in my life. I feel empty, needy…God, i love poetry!!!

Then there was David Diop’s words, ‘Poetry is the natural language of life, springs forth and renews itself through its contact with reality. It dies in corsets and under orders.’

Poetry is the natural language of life…..

Poetry is the breathe and finer spirit of all knowledge-William Wordsworth.

You can explain everything-including your entire life in a simple, pure piece of poetry.


From the source

May 6, 2008

Running from the source

Of everything fresh and full of light

Loosing the way at every turn

Too proud to take a few steps back

Yet too afraid to take a step forward


Bleeding with cravings of peace

And waterfalls of abundance

Flying with doves

Yet untouched by their divinity

Their compassion

Wallowing in the choice

Of dark curtains of doubt

And non-directions


Doors open then close again

Ramming and flattening my nose

To the ground again

Like a one-day old calf 

Yet to understand the ways of the world


I crave for the cup

I long to drink from the source

But i cannot ask

Lest i break the cup

From shattering voices and

Uncool words  

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