From the source

Running from the source

Of everything fresh and full of light

Loosing the way at every turn

Too proud to take a few steps back

Yet too afraid to take a step forward


Bleeding with cravings of peace

And waterfalls of abundance

Flying with doves

Yet untouched by their divinity

Their compassion

Wallowing in the choice

Of dark curtains of doubt

And non-directions


Doors open then close again

Ramming and flattening my nose

To the ground again

Like a one-day old calf 

Yet to understand the ways of the world


I crave for the cup

I long to drink from the source

But i cannot ask

Lest i break the cup

From shattering voices and

Uncool words  

4 Responses to “From the source”

  1. Ciss Says:

    Eudiah,you site looks absolutely fab.I love your poems ,and your last kwani performance was great.


  2. afrodream 'n' beaded sandals Says:

    I wish i cld write a poem.
    I only wish but i can’t,
    I tried to write a poem but i failed.
    I only manage to make a scene.
    I always wish one day will write a poem.
    I wish u inspired me to write one.
    I wish only when wishes were donkey.

    only then i could write a poems, as ridding on a horse is expensive even for a muombagi ( begger ) like me in a poem writting.



  3. fimbo Says:



  4. savvy Says:

    Hey, could I come to the next Kwani Festival?

    I like this poem by the way, reminds me of how am always running away from the truth, be it God or something I do not want to face.


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