Watching Motivational DVDs at Work-Never Eat Alone

It was ‘Never Eat Alone’ by Keith Ferrazzi

It is very rare to find people watching DVDs in an office (unless it’s a media company). The organization that I joined gets together after Monday weekly meetings to watch motivational DVD’s. I like this very much.

The first one I watched here was ‘Never Eat Alone’ by Keith Ferrazzi. This DVD is based on a book he co-authored ‘Never Eat Alone and other secrets to success, one relationship at a time.’

The book apparently discusses the need for networking and human relationships for success in today’s world. Watching this DVD made me realize why Keith is recognized the world over as an expert on relationship development. He has also been named one of the world’s most connected individual. Really?

Now C.E.O. of Ferrazzi Greenlight, Keith has come all the way from being a Chief Marketing Officer at Deloitte Consulting. He also made a name as the youngest Chief Marketing Officer with a Fortune 500 company when he worked for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide before being recruited as Chief Executive Officer for Ya Ya media, an interactive entertainment consultancy before it was sold to Yahoo!

Back to the DVD. Here he talks about the importance of achieving your dream, understanding your audience (by asking questions), being yourself/genuine. He also believes that sharing and transparency, frees you because

 a) You are no longer controlled

b) People have empathy

He then goes ahead to explain the seven stage process to achieving success-beginning with ‘Focusing’. He (like me) believes that life conspires to have opportunities ready for you. He advises us to set the top three things we want and where you want to be in 60 days, three years, ten years.

Set targets. For example, make a list of 125 most important people for your success. Ask yourself “Who are the people I need to surround myself with?” These include spouses, family, friends and especially yourself. You also need to define what you have to offer the world. What services or products are you selling?

“You need to believe in your product and remember 50% is you, so believe in yourself,” he offers.

Aligning your goals is also necessary. Tell the people who surround you about what you want. As for the bonding process-establish real relationships that last, avoid small talk and go deep when you first reach out to someone.

Keith brings up the issue of belonging to a club. Get together with at least five people because for behaviour or lifestyle change, you really cannot do this alone. Plan dinner parties or share passions like jogging. Simply use things you are already doing to bring you together. This will allow people who care about you to help you.

Here, he also talks about how (also included in his book) he met Richard Branson. He would tell people around him how much he wanted to meet this man and how eventually when he did meet him, Branson had already received and read his book.

“As you run around trying to make other people successful, there are 100 other people trying to make you successful,” That’s the way it should be, he advises.

This DVD was very enlightening-especially on the art of networking and (from his presentation) there were lessons on how to be a great speaker. (necessary for Eudiah the performing poet).

I think that besides reading more on Keith’s website, I will try and get his book, ‘Never Eat Alone’ and his most recent ‘Who’s got your back?’

Some people I’ve talked to don’t like reading motivational or self-help books because they say ‘These books tell us stuff we already know.” Could be so, but then don’t they also bring out issues that we might have ignored or thought unnecessary? But for life enthusiasts, young entrepreneurs and ardent readers, every new book has something to teach us-even a new word or a new point of view is good enough.

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