By Eudiah Kamonjo

He speaks to me in silences that burn and stab my spirit

I battle with his mystic and crash under his revelations

I starve everyday. Waiting, longing for answers, fulfillments, A sign

I kill myself because he has snubbed me

And left me on my knees seeking his divine face

He has deserted me in this hell of a spa called life

I burn myself in heated moments of lust in the sauna

And surround myself with kings in high heels and whips

Queens with deep voices, packing plastic between their legs

Because I have fallen short of the glory

I have walked myself to accident-prone areas in stormy nights

Traveled to unknown places with no TV’s and generators that cough

Hoping to inhale eternal peace through the silent breezes

When the moon is right and couples

Facing bent-over entangled in the oceans’ dark salt

They say silence be the enemy

Yet I get my answers

When I listen

Those I have already died for

Time and time and time again

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7 Responses to “BATTLES OF MY SOUL”

  1. Cedric gitura Says:

    Nice piece 🙂


  2. Joy Says:

    Nice one Eudia i like mood,something atleast everyone can relate to.


  3. Maxmul Says:

    It shakes my spirit, replenishes my thoughts to arouse that tingling sensation in my loins…I applaud thee!


  4. Ben Says:

    Nice piece


  5. Shiroh Says:

    I loves it!


  6. mike kamanu Says:

    nice kama kawaida


  7. Alexa Says:

    In the language of musical theory, one could call this a parody (which is quite different from the everyday English term). It is, in any case, an amazingly good, stunning poem with its overlay structure, and would be worthy of Pat Califia. And Tori Amos, I am sure, would love to sing it. And since there is one Kenyan who sings like Tori (although she is much more vanilla) — have you asked her?


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