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January 27, 2012

Not what it used to be…..

There was a time you’d ask, ‘What’s the best bus to use on a journey to Mombasa?’ Mostly, I’d hear ‘Coast Bus’. The bus service has been around for ages and is a trusted brand. But it no longer is what it used to be. Just this month, I made a decision never to use Coast Bus Services ever again. Why?

The bus I took was supposed to leave Nairobi at 1 O’clock. We were kept waiting until 3 O’clock with no explanation>>until a few minutes to 3 O’clock when the service (via their load-speaker) announced that the bus was on the way and had ‘only been held back by traffic’

bus sign

On the road

Then 20 minutes into the journey, at Bunyala Road, Nairobi, the same bus broke-down and we had to wait  for another  one hour for a rescue bus to show-up. The bus attendant was however quick to calm us down with snacks, drinks and funny stories. Being all those hours late, the bus definitely sped-up so we’d reach the coast before midnight instead of 9 pm.

Fun Highlight                                                                                                                                  

In the same bus was popular local musician Ken Wa Maria. With all the kambas on Mombasa Road, the humble guy (who I was seeing ‘live-live’ for the first time) had plenty of fans screaming his name and jumping about to get his attention during all the stops we made.

The trip back on Dream Line

My trip back had to be in a different bus, so I asked my host to make a choice for me. It was Dream Line….and I liked it! Their waiting area, customer service and the bus itself-especially the tinted windows that kept away the very bright light. On top of that, we departed right on time (around 10 a.m).

We were also thoroughly entertained, thanks to a large screen behind the driver’s seat showing  local and international short funny video clips. XYZ Show, Bull’s Eye (NTV ), Swaleh Mdoe’s ‘Tafakari ya babu’ (Citizen TV), Kukanganyana (NTV) and those funny short clips of kids in accidents were just some of them.

BONUS: It’s always more funny when you see someone you know in such clips. Yes you>>>  Hot 96 Breakfast Show host Cindy Ogana on Kukanganyana doing those tongue-twisters.

Hearing people all giggling along at the same time was wickedest!

Go Dream Line!…..and get a few more video clips for the long hours. Ohhh! And ….Advertising/ publicity opportunity right here folks.


Crime-fiction book I like

January 13, 2012


Author: Kate Allen

Genre: Crime Fiction

As with most crime fiction mystery novels, ‘Tell me what you like’ is a hard book to put down. The first in Kate Allen’s Alison Kaine mystery series, she manages to capture and keep first time readers with her well-developed believable characters, humorous dialogue and fast-paced plot.

tell me what you like

Alison Kaine is a police officer who is supposed to be on vacation. Her plans to be out of town during this time are cancelled and she ends up at the park to pass time. There she meets Stacy, who plays as a goalkeeper in the lesbian soccer team. Alison and Stacy hit it off until Alison discovers Stacy makes a living as a dominatrix giving women their S & M fantasies. The mystery centers around the everyday lives of these lesbian women in a community where religious fundamentalists appear at every corner , even in the lesbian night clubs, to ‘straighten’ them out with the word of God.

In the backdrop of Alison’s new relationship, two lesbians are murdered in cold-blood. Once a cop, always a cop, they say and Alison Kaine pokes her nose into the mysterious murders time and again, pissing-off the male-officers officially on the case. Inspite of warnings to keep off the case, she  dives deeper into the detective work as she strongly believes that (being in this community) she has better chances of solving the murder. This she does with the help of her fellow lesbian neighbours Michelle and Janka who do some undercover work. The author manages to keep you going over the suspects subconsciously trying to figure out who the murderer might be.

Stacy, the detectives’ own lover tops the suspects’ lists, along with Dominique,  also a dominatrix. Both of the dead women were clients of Dominique. Carla, who Alison saves after an attack, is the only mystery because there’s just no motive or link; until she realizes  it was her (Alison) the murderer was after. The only reason she wasn’t attacked was because they’d exchanged sweaters in the basement while having a quickie with her earlier on.

The murderer is brought to light in slow bits. It could be the young Mark, a friend of Stacy’s. Mark, who  was brought up by four lesbian women until his birth mother came to reclaim him. He is the kind of man who takes matters into his own hands..

At the end of the day, we find out that it is the religious fundamentalists, whom Mark is a part of, that commit the crime. In addition to the mysterys’ exciting, informing and witty combination, erotica lovers will love the explicit sex-bits which left me squirming in my seat.

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