Not what it used to be…..

There was a time you’d ask, ‘What’s the best bus to use on a journey to Mombasa?’ Mostly, I’d hear ‘Coast Bus’. The bus service has been around for ages and is a trusted brand. But it no longer is what it used to be. Just this month, I made a decision never to use Coast Bus Services ever again. Why?

The bus I took was supposed to leave Nairobi at 1 O’clock. We were kept waiting until 3 O’clock with no explanation>>until a few minutes to 3 O’clock when the service (via their load-speaker) announced that the bus was on the way and had ‘only been held back by traffic’

bus sign

On the road

Then 20 minutes into the journey, at Bunyala Road, Nairobi, the same bus broke-down and we had to wait  for another  one hour for a rescue bus to show-up. The bus attendant was however quick to calm us down with snacks, drinks and funny stories. Being all those hours late, the bus definitely sped-up so we’d reach the coast before midnight instead of 9 pm.

Fun Highlight                                                                                                                                  

In the same bus was popular local musician Ken Wa Maria. With all the kambas on Mombasa Road, the humble guy (who I was seeing ‘live-live’ for the first time) had plenty of fans screaming his name and jumping about to get his attention during all the stops we made.

The trip back on Dream Line

My trip back had to be in a different bus, so I asked my host to make a choice for me. It was Dream Line….and I liked it! Their waiting area, customer service and the bus itself-especially the tinted windows that kept away the very bright light. On top of that, we departed right on time (around 10 a.m).

We were also thoroughly entertained, thanks to a large screen behind the driver’s seat showing  local and international short funny video clips. XYZ Show, Bull’s Eye (NTV ), Swaleh Mdoe’s ‘Tafakari ya babu’ (Citizen TV), Kukanganyana (NTV) and those funny short clips of kids in accidents were just some of them.

BONUS: It’s always more funny when you see someone you know in such clips. Yes you>>>  Hot 96 Breakfast Show host Cindy Ogana on Kukanganyana doing those tongue-twisters.

Hearing people all giggling along at the same time was wickedest!

Go Dream Line!…..and get a few more video clips for the long hours. Ohhh! And ….Advertising/ publicity opportunity right here folks.


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16 Responses to “COAST BUS VS DREAM LINE”

  1. muthoni kanaiya Says:

    where are the dreamline offices someone also recommended the same to me. how much is it to mtwapa?


  2. Delvan Says:

    at duruma road, opp Mash Parcel office, The Malindi bound bus departs each nyt at 8pm, 1400/= Msa 1200/= check out our fb page Dreamline Express Ltd & Dreamline Mombasa!
    You dream, we fulfill… cheers!


  3. mbarak Says:

    yes i also concur with you guys that east or west dreamline is the best,i have been a victim of coast bus -that old bus that costs alot with no comforts and benefits,all coast buses should be phased out ,they are very old the seats are not comfortable and the staff just as in mash are very rude.Lets go dreamline,i like it.


  4. bruce dreamline Says:

    you dream we fulfill


  5. Januaries Says:

    congratulations! congratulations! for very very classic vehicles although never traveled with them, wishes good journey to all drivers and conducters


  6. John Says:

    Hey I am leaving for Msa tonight and I will try Dreamline. When I come back tomorrow I will write my experience right here.


    • John Says:

      As I promised I am back to give my experience with Dream Liner. Wow! did I have a blast or what. To be honest I was really surprised. First my surprise was when circumstances made me to cancel my trip from 5th November to 6th November. I made a phone call to the booking office number I got on the ticket and I was assured that everything would be fine. True to their word the following night I was allocated a seat without any questions. The bus departure time was 10pm. I could not believe when the bus started moving out at exactly 10.01pm. Next surprise was the bus itself. Closest thing to a plane. Dreamy lighting, A gigantic screen for entertainment, Great reclining seats, and hey we were served with a soda! What? Yes! These Dream Liners are outdoing themselves. Ok the entertainment was mostly semi-explicit videos. As a Christian I spent most of my time looking away from the screen. May be something that the management should think about is to play more acceptable videos there are many that are equally entertaining. The whole journey was very smooth and we only stopped for 10 minutes. We arrived in Mombasa at a few minutes before 5am. A few of us were allowed to stay in the bus until about 5.30am

      All in all, out of 10 I give Dream liner 9.5. I hope they will keep their stands that high. I was impressed. KUDOS Dream Liner!

      Oh I had gone to collect my car from the Port so back to Nairobi I drove .


  7. Muiruri james Says:

    Your staff r discipline,incase of any break down no delay.. Keep it up! We dream you fullfil..


  8. jafari hussein Says:

    hakuna ya MOMBASA TO DAR ES SALAAM?na kama hakuna fanyen mpang kama vpi niwafanyie mpango wa office.


  9. Ojijo doreen Says:

    Are there dreamline buses to eldoret or kisumu?


  10. sammy Jr Says:

    hi everyone.
    Its good to read all your reviews about the DreamLiner. I have not traveled in it so far, but looking forward to using it soon.
    Either way, the bus that i can say is also equally good is (Lacosta) Spanish Coach.


  11. jules Says:

    Dreamline for sure, the buses are comfortable don’t have all that first class, business class hullabaloo on most of their buses and their prices rarely change which is great. i travel to mombasa alot and like them plus you can book online via .


  12. Charles Nganga Says:

    Am a frequent traveler with dreamline. When are you resuming night travel? We are really suffering. Other buses do not keep time.


  13. joan mageto Says:

    i want to try dream line so i want to know much is it from Nairobi to Mombasa and does it go to U kunda, thanks.


  14. thibresh Says:

    haha…u guy….bfore u tok shit about COASTBUS just try their new buses…or try coast air….DREAMLINE is just an example…n when booking coast bus be specific which bus u wud like to buk……..dreamline bado watoto kwenye game……ebu imagine 57 yrs of good service……..I am #team_coastbus


  15. Sarah Mwangi Says:

    To the guy serving customers on Wednesday 7th September day time.what poor customer service!just take a day off if you are not willing to serve customers to an extent of rolling your eyes when asked about the bookings!!very disappointed!!!the lady on the other counter was doing such a fantastic job!!!


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