Lessons on buying influences/triggers

Tips from Brian Tracy’s ‘Effective Selling’ DVD

We watched this motivational DVD at the office together last Friday. Here are the notes:

(a)        Reciprocity & Obligation: Put your potential customers under a sense of obligation. How? Do favours or be kind, buy lunches or do power breakfasts, send thank-you notes or cards.

(b)        Commitment & Consistency: Remain consistent and committed. Also, establish what the company’s or individual’s buying strategy is. Have they done this before? What determined their buying?

(c)         Social proof: Establish who else has done it/used the product and service; and share with your potential clients.  Have testimonials, a collection of letters, lists or photos of people who’ve used it.

(d)        Liking: As a sales person or project owner/manager, be likeable, smile/ be friendly/ be positive and be cheerful. A person won’t buy from you if they don’t like you.

(e)         Authority: Have experts recommend your product or service, even reviews in publications and people wearing or using your products/ services without paying for it.

(f)           Scarcity: Show/tell how rare yet in-demand the product/service is.

(g)         Contrast Principle: Prove that what you are selling is different/ new/better or cheaper.

In your ending, say, ‘I recommend this because……’

up your sales

Up your sales

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