About Eudiah Kamonjo

Eudiah Kamonjo is a journalist and poetess with a wide range of interests. 

She loves honesty, news, books, blogging, exercise, theatre, dancing, the sea and learning new ways of looking at the world.

“I am very passionate about everything I engage in and my friends call me an extremist-I guess because I love to explore every aspect of life. I have a great passion for writing and reading and like to keep myself in the know about everything happening around me; from the arts and politics to business. I have also been performing poetry and prose at various venues for years.

What you find here are just ordinary extraordinary stories as well as poems I have already performed or intend to perform or publish.

Your comments are very welcome and will be highly appreciated.

19 Responses to “About Eudiah Kamonjo”

  1. douglas Says:

    hey dear hot poems as i told you know more and more abt u everyday its quite interesting. laterz


  2. mike mwangi Says:

    well tha poems are hot,inspiring and a lesson to me keep it blazzing.


  3. perminus Says:

    as ur grandad i would say u r doin pretty fine.keep up the passion.


  4. afrodream 'n' beaded sandals Says:

    Good 2 knw u. i hv ready some of ur poems and some really moves me. Keep it up and be blessed gal. Hope to see u soon in Nai


  5. philip mwangi Says:

    nice work girl keep it up


  6. mona Says:

    hey gal. i heard you in club sound last time and liked your poems. check out my poetry blog and read some of mine. id like to know waht you think- thats if you have th time. lol! laterz!-mona-



  7. Julius Kaloi Says:

    Eudiah: Your poems are unique, interesting and touching. I see life as it is and should be in them.
    The power of your pen demonstrates your unique ability and talent that needs to be exploited without further delay.
    Keep the fire burning knowing that these interesting poems are an inspiration to many including myself.


  8. Constantine Says:

    Hi, what happened, you gave up on blogging? You have some cool stuff here! I love your eyes!

    Warmly Constantine


  9. Andy Zawadi Says:

    Hi there, Eudiah if only you prefer tea to strong coffee i would invite you home 4 a cup, and watch you mentor my mom who knows nothing about poetry other than sundowner [KBC Radio]… No offense.
    Anyway you rock. How do you it? Because you spark amidst millions of word full mouths.
    Cheers dear.


  10. immaculate mwende Says:

    hey,long time since Oakland days.Yours is quite a splendid job.am developing an interest in poetry and u inspire me gal.keep it up


  11. Mateso Says:

    S.M.A.R.T poet.


  12. Roger Says:

    I would like to read your poems they’re cool.how bout a collabo with number 8.you two are great.


  13. Velile phiri Says:

    let the hungry be fed let the naked be clothed let the old be protected 1 luv


  14. Velile phiri Says:

    let the naked b clothed let the hungry b fed let the old & aged b protected 1 luv 4 S.A


  15. egichomo Says:

    Awesome! Very nice posts, keep blogging…


  16. Sharing the love « Cesky Cess's Blog Says:

    […] Eudiah Kamonjo […]


  17. oliverkariuki Says:

    hey guys, i want to start a community where all nairobi poet could actually publish their works and share their ideas with others,and also learn new things and skills from eachother, poetry is just not about writing but being an ambassador who conveys the life of people that lives around us, and also reflects our lifes,is anyone interested, to keep our talent and poetry live long


  18. Zacheus mule Says:

    Keep it bazzling …..eudiah give me ur twitter handle and follow me on @zackmule


  19. daniel Says:

    eudiah u r just da bomb i think u know me


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