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My hottest poem

August 3, 2016

My hottest poem

Check out the link above to watch a video we did for one of the poetry pieces from my upcoming collection. Enjoy and please share.




February 2, 2012

One of my favourite poets (and who does wonders for my spiritual journey) is Carmelite nun Jessica Powers. I hereby share ‘God is a strange lover’, a piece I am currently relating to.

God is a strange lover

by Jessica Powers

God is the strangest of all lovers; His ways are past explaining

He sets his heart on a soul; he says to himself

“Here will I rest my love.”

But he does not woo her with flowers or jewels or words that are set to music,

No names endearing, no kindled praise his heart’s  direction prove

His jealousy is an infinite thing. He stalks the soul with sorrows;

He tramples the bloom; he blots the sun that could make her vision dim

He robs and breaks and destroys-there is nothing at last but her

Own shame, her own affliction.

And then he comes and there is nothing in the vast

World but him and her love of him


Not till the great rebellions die and her will is safe

In his hands forever

Does he open the door of light and his

Tendernesses fall, and then for what is seen in the

Soul’s virgin places ,

For what is heard in the heart , there is no speech at all


God is a strange lover; the story of his love is most surprising

There is no proud queen in her cloth of gold; over and over again

There is only, deep in the soul, a poor disheveled woman weeping…

For us who have need of a picture and words;

the Magdalen.


September 1, 2010


By Eudiah Kamonjo

He speaks to me in silences that burn and stab my spirit

I battle with his mystic and crash under his revelations

I starve everyday. Waiting, longing for answers, fulfillments, A sign

I kill myself because he has snubbed me

And left me on my knees seeking his divine face

He has deserted me in this hell of a spa called life

I burn myself in heated moments of lust in the sauna

And surround myself with kings in high heels and whips

Queens with deep voices, packing plastic between their legs

Because I have fallen short of the glory

I have walked myself to accident-prone areas in stormy nights

Traveled to unknown places with no TV’s and generators that cough

Hoping to inhale eternal peace through the silent breezes

When the moon is right and couples

Facing bent-over entangled in the oceans’ dark salt

They say silence be the enemy

Yet I get my answers

When I listen

Those I have already died for

Time and time and time again

Light another candle and you lose nothing

August 18, 2010

No wonder they say that a candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle.

Last evening, I had a meeting with my mentor. In this regard, a mentor (to me) is someone you can just talk and share with, ask questions or get his/her opinions on a certain or variety of topics.

One of my friends thinks that having a mentor is total BS! that she has never had to talk or share or ask anybody’s opinion and has so far been successful in life. Maybe its the title ‘mentor’ that doesn’t hit the right cord. Maybe a mentor (according to her) is someone who is above you. Hell NO! For me, a mentor is your equal.

He/she could have more experience in one area and you could have more in another area. It is therefore ‘an everybody gains’ situation.

A mentorship relationship doesn’t have to be as formal as people assume. It can be as informal as the way you advise your siblings or the way you can call that one person when you need their take on something you are working on. And it comes at no cost either because even the mentor is learning a hell of a lot through sharing.

Yesterday, we (my mentor and I) just shared a meal as we talked about journalism, kids, God, marriage, writing and being Africans among other issues. And it wasn’t just one person talking, it was all of us and it was hearty, inspiring and spiritual.

I must admit that I did not agree with one or two of the things that my mentor said.

Still, the few times we meet make a huge difference in my life and I thank God that I found (early in life) someone I could share almost all aspects of my life with.

Once you’ve been mentored as easily, you’ll find yourself doing the same for others.

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