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Of Passion parties, grinding and all

March 4, 2010

25th Feb 2010. It’s a Satuarday.

Day well spent hanging out with the girls watching girly programs like Ellen de Generes show and talking about boys, girls, clothes and parties-but especially boys.

9pm, I end up in a party in Kileleshwa, being hosted by the International Hotel and Tourism Institute, of which Ruth Karu, a long time friend,  is the event organizer. She’s one of those ‘mamas’ you want to be around 24-7 because of her contagious happiness ( LOL smiley face). She sparkles like a ray of light, seductively inviting you to taste her waters. Ha ha ha!!!!

Got welcomed into the party with a glass of punch-very fresh punch with passion fruits floating around in it but with the strong scent of vodka. Two of these and I was in a happy zone. Was taking photos too and both the guys and chics were very photogenic, plus all dressed-up for the occasion. The occasion? I later learnt that it was to welcome new students-imagine such a welcome.

Watching guys grinding/dirty dancing was a very interesting way of entertaining myself, but still..I think I like being part of the action too.

Soon, I had switched on to drinking wine and was so mellow, I joined the rest on the dance floor-dancing and feeling like one of them college girls-forgetting I was much older. I loved them college days. (Listen to I love college by Asher Roth).

I remember this guy I was dancing with who was wearing a white trouser. How I couldn’t believe straight guys could shake their asses like that! Auuuwiii!

I got to meet incredible people-even a former childhood neighbour, the principal, Mr. Ngali, Hilda Tuwei (very hot Vice Chairlady in a chocolate-coloured dress and heels to kill) and the Chairlady Redemptor Ogada.

I also got to witness the dancing competition (of which the guy in a white trouser won). I think aliwin chupa ya vodoski. The best dressed chic totally deserved it and so did the best couple (if they really were a couple-sweet).

I did not know that all these was the beginning of a very long night and day), a night that included going down to a recording studio, being incredibly ‘necked’ by some ‘chute’, getting down to some hip hop n old school and watching the sun rise somewhere in Loresho.

party at the International Tourism & Hotel Institute


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