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Gregory ‘Cool Ruler’ Isaac’s music will live here

October 29, 2010

Dj Ras Luigi (Capital FM’s One Love) tells us how as he reflects on the late artist

Cool Ruler

Gregory Isaacs

For most of us, the ‘passing-on’ of legendary reggae artist Gregory ‘Cool Ruler’ Isaacs early this week came as a shocker. Yes, we heard about the drug addiction, early firearm charges, cancer tena refusing treatment aiiieei!!!, but what was most important, what we could do something about was his music.

Some of the Cool Ruler’s classics were Night Nurse, Rumours, Hard Drugs and Tune-in-kwanza Night Nurse kama hukusikia enyewe una dunia yako.

Dj Ras Luigi of One Love on Capital FM (Sunday 5 p.m. -7 p.m.) reflects on the roots reggae singer.

He mentions that  since he started doing the show (One Love) back in 2004, no show would ever be complete without a song by Gregory Isaacs’ or Don Carlos. “These two artists are the most requested on the show,” he explains.

So, how exactly does his death affect him as a DJ?

“Well, a hero has left us but the most important thing is that his music (and spirit) will live. But let me tell you, as long as I am a Dj, my mixes will never be complete without his songs,” he swears.

This Sunday (31-10-2010) is going to be a Gregory Isaacs Special. “I’m going to play 20 minutes of his music non-stop. The Cool Ruler’s fans will never forget this show,” he promises. Having so many albums to his name, its possible to play him for like three hours non-stop.

Dj Ras Luigi

Dj Ras Luigi-One Love

Luigi says he was ‘born’ listening to Gregory. “What I love about his music is that its ‘real’-at that time as it is today. He was one of a kind,” he adds.

The DJ recalls watching the ‘Cool Ruler’ perform live for the first time when he came to Kenya in early 2000. And he’s sad that he will never have another chance of watching him perform live again.

On being a ‘Cool Ruler’, Luigi believes the name came about because of his music (and voice) ability to change the atmosphere. “His music cooled people down and strongly impacted society. He was all about love,” he recalls.

A reggae artist himself, Ras Luigi advises young (upcoming) reggae artists to listen to his music as they grow. “When you listen to him, you realize that reggae is not just putting lyrics together, its more than that,” he concludes.

R.I.P. Cool Ruler



Dis Poem: This is the poem I am loving right now.

April 7, 2010

Dis Poem By  Mutabaruka

Dis poem
shall speak of the wretched
that washed ships to these
of mothers cryin for their
swallowed up by the sea

Dis poem shall say nothin
dis poem shall speak of time
time unlimited time
dis poem shall call names
names like Lumumba
Kenyatta, Nkrumah
Hannibal, Akenaton,

Malcolm, Garvey
Haile Selassie

Dis poem is vexed about
apartheid rascism fascism
the klu klux klan riots in
Brixto, Atlanta
Jim Jones
Dis poem is revoltin’ against
1st world 2nd world

3rd world division

Man made
dis poem is like all the rest
dis poem will not be amongst
great literary works
will not be recited by poetry
will not be quoted by
politicians nor men of

Dis poem  knives, bombs, guns
blood, fire
blazin for freedom

Yes dis poem is a drum
Ashanti, Mau Mau, Ibo, Yoruba
Nyahbingi warriors
uhuru uhuru
uhuru Namibia
uhuru Soweto
uhuru Afrika

Dis poem will not change
dis poem need not to be changed
dis poem is a rebirth of a
arizin awaking
dis poem speak is speakin
have spoken

Dis poem shall continue even
when poets have stopped
dis poem shall survive u me
it shall linger in history
in your mind
in time forever
dis poem is time only time
will tell
dis poem is still not written
dis poem has no poet
dis poem is just a part of the
his-story her-story our-
story the story still untold
dis poem is now ringin talkin
makin u want to stop it
but dis poem will not stop

Dis poem is long cannot be
dis poem cannot be tamed
cannot be blamed
the story is still not told
about dis poem
dis poem is old new
dis poem was copied from
the bible, your prayer book
Playboy Magazine

The N.Y. Times, Readers Digest
The C.I.A. files the K.G.B. files
dis poem is no secret
dis poem shall be called
boring stupid senseless
dis poem is watchin u

to make sense from dis poem
dis poem is messin up your
makin u want to stop
listenin to dis poem
but u shall not stop listenin
to dis poem
u need to know what will be
said next in dis poem
dis poem shall disappoint u
dis poem is to be continued
in your mind in your mind
in your mind your mind…

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