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One way to do a sex poem

May 24, 2010

I too like to eat out

For many people (me included) doing a sex poem is not that easy-(By a sex poem I mean, a poem about a sexual experience). This is coz you’d like to do it in a way that’s clear  enough to pass the message across without being too graphic.

To tackle this, poets over the years have used the food metaphor-(comparing sex to food) and this works amazingly well. What method do you use in yours?

Here’s a piece I bumped into (from Pieces of My Heart by  Makeda Silvera) and continue loving and learning from. I love the fact that it’s sensual n’ sweet, and clearly passes the message across-she likes it!

NB: It is written by a woman.

I too like to eat out

By Laura Irene Wayne

I too like to eat

To eat out

I like to eat among the brown, black brush

Pushing, parting, letting

My tongue graze amongst the dew

Searching, touching, tasting

The honey of the flower

I too like to eat out

To eat out

Massaging its petals into

Splendid form

Watching its growth harden


Watering, eating to fill my insatiable appetite

Reading and drinking its sweet wine

Filling up on arousal, excitement

I too like to eat out

To eat out

I relish

Knowing my hunger will

Arise again

And I will find myself

Among the brush

I too like to eat

To eat out

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