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A first mama’s journey; my 2014 memories

April 8, 2015
My baby Nanu

My baby

The news: Early in the year, I learn that I will soon be a mother. As much as nausea and heart-burn is the order of my days, there is nothing that excites me more. I have always wanted (and prayed for) a mini me.

Surprise! Surprise!: A surprise baby shower (by family) makes such a huge difference. “This is really happening. I will soon be a mom and he/she has people who love her as much as I do; so much so that they went out of their way for this!”

Pregnant in July

Pregnant in July

Flutters you can see: Everytime you are ready for the ultra-sound, you pray that she’s growing well. At first I am told it’s a boy. I later learn that it’s a girl. “She is quite the active one,“ I’m told. Soon after, she starts to kick so fast and hard, it is unbelievable!

Doula class: This two-day birth preparation class gives my confidence a big boost. I am ready to try a natural birth.

Fitness: I enjoy walking, swimming and yoga ‘til the last minute. I take a break from martial arts and aerobics.

Travel: These Nairobi potholes and crazy drivers make everyday community uncomfortable.
I also haven’t really travelled (Out of town) this year-very unlike me.

Maternity leave: Baby is almost here so its time for me to take a break from my 8 to 5 and go nest. I have so much I plan to do in the three months I will be home.

Another baby shower: This time, it is girl-friends. Pilau, wine, MJ and toys-talk with no drama (fights) like in previous parties I’ve hosted.

D. Day: After major anxiety and intense back pain, baby is finally here 😉 I only stay one day at the hospital.



Next three months: It’s not as easy as I thought, especially breastfeeding… Baby and I are getting to know each other but I constantly worry and wonder ‘is she getting enough milk? Enough sleep?’ etc. There is so much I don’t know but learn as we grow-together. One thing I now see is that I was well-prepared for the birth, but not for everything else thereafter. Whoever said ‘sleep like a baby’ was too far from the truth. Maybe later?

Oh and the three months leave is very short when you are a mom!

love love

love love

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