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Light another candle and you lose nothing

August 18, 2010

No wonder they say that a candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle.

Last evening, I had a meeting with my mentor. In this regard, a mentor (to me) is someone you can just talk and share with, ask questions or get his/her opinions on a certain or variety of topics.

One of my friends thinks that having a mentor is total BS! that she has never had to talk or share or ask anybody’s opinion and has so far been successful in life. Maybe its the title ‘mentor’ that doesn’t hit the right cord. Maybe a mentor (according to her) is someone who is above you. Hell NO! For me, a mentor is your equal.

He/she could have more experience in one area and you could have more in another area. It is therefore ‘an everybody gains’ situation.

A mentorship relationship doesn’t have to be as formal as people assume. It can be as informal as the way you advise your siblings or the way you can call that one person when you need their take on something you are working on. And it comes at no cost either because even the mentor is learning a hell of a lot through sharing.

Yesterday, we (my mentor and I) just shared a meal as we talked about journalism, kids, God, marriage, writing and being Africans among other issues. And it wasn’t just one person talking, it was all of us and it was hearty, inspiring and spiritual.

I must admit that I did not agree with one or two of the things that my mentor said.

Still, the few times we meet make a huge difference in my life and I thank God that I found (early in life) someone I could share almost all aspects of my life with.

Once you’ve been mentored as easily, you’ll find yourself doing the same for others.

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