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Kenya Kona Comedy Night

March 6, 2012

Kenya Kona Comedy Night now Crazy Monday Comedy Night

Last night,I attended Crazy Monday Comedy Night for the first time. The event was held at the Hilton’s Tsavo Ballroom in Nairobi and goes down every first Monday of the month. For Ksh.500, comedy lovers are given about three hours of rib-cracking entertainment.

It was also the first time I was seeing female comedians do their thing. And boy! Were some of them funny! The MCs were multi-talented Fred Omondi and Mdomo Baggy. Some of the acts were Othuol Othuol, Jalang’o, Kennet B, Mshamba, a chakacha dancer, poets among others. A number of people felt that the ‘Nyeri women’ and Westlands Vs. Eastlands jokes were too much/too many though.

Standard Group has come in as sponsors hence ‘Crazy Monday’-the Monday Standard Newspaper pull-out. The event has been running since last year and I must say the turn-out did truly impress me.>>these guys already have a good following.

Fred Omondi did get a standing ovation for his new track ‘Gold digger’. I loved it; its funny and danceable. can’t wait to see the video.

The point of this lil’ blog post is; the next time you are free on the first Monday of the month, between 6.30 p.m and 10 p.m,and feel like some comedy, try this one…….expose yourself to such raw talent live.

Kenyan Waiters tell shockingly hilarious jokes too

July 22, 2009

The waiter at Wine Bar just made my evening; I was meeting a friend of mine at the bar when the waiter comes to take my order. I’ve seen him before (the waiter) and he has even served me many a times. he just has never told me a joke like this one-or was it just a comment?

I ask him for a cold Redds and what does he say? “Baridi kama roho ya mzungu?” Translated: “Cold like a white man’s heart?” . I am taken a back-suprised. I think that I probably heard it all wrong, but he says it again.

I laugh- hard. It is funny, in a really bad racist way but I find myself  laughing my heart out.

He laughs with me, then goes to fetch my cold Redds, leaving my friend staring at me and wondering Wassup?

When I explain what just happened, he’s like, “There’s nothing funny about that!”

The waiter comes back and I ask him, “What’s the difference between a ‘Mzungus’ and a black man’s heart?”

He takes my hand and places it on the left side of his masculine chest. I feel his heartbeat. This is exaggerated, I think.

He just thrusted his chest out to make it seem like it was really thumping.

Of course I laugh even harder and this pisses off my friend. I try to explain the joke further but he just doesn’t get it.

The same waiter comes back  a few minutes later to ask why I wasn’t using my glass. I say that I like to drink straight from my can. He replies, “Ama labda unaona utavunja?” (Or do you think you might break it?)

“Actually, you are right. If I was holding it right now, I think I would end up doing just that.”

I laugh even more because I’m thinking, this waiter can already tell that I’m high-this might have been my first beer here but it isn’t the only one I have had all day.

If  I were a hotel/pub owner, I think I’d hire a guy with this extra skill; one capable of telling a good joke.

Get the customers coming back for more.

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