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June 12, 2009

I will never forget the journey, the 4 x 4’s and the camping

By Eudiah Kamonjo

Off the top of my head, some of the happenings I recall (since I didn’t take any notes) and will never forget from the 2009 Rhino Charge event were;

1. My heart racing (both for fear and excitement) as I watched an 80 year old participating Kalasinga topple over with his vehicle and land on the side. Wondering whether his bones would be alright and how I stared in awe as he got back on track and got over the rocks and rough terrain, watching everyone cheering both from disbelief and relief.

2. Ian Duncan, one of Kenya’s most successful rally drivers, passing through the same rocky terrain like he was on tarmacked road to heaven and not some extra rocky terrain. Wondering how he took 3 minutes where others took 10 minutes or one hour. Hearing comments like, “We want our money back, how can it be so easy for him?” Apparently, his car broke down last year, no wonder his vehicle this time, was a machine like no other I saw at the event; the extremely huge wheels provided the ease needed for that kind of terrain.

3. Watching the Adam team in orange t-shirts with the ‘Men First’ slogan and watching them manually try to balance their equally colourful vehicle. At least they made it through as well.

4. The number of people at the event; races, tribes, sex, age, all these did not matter as they got together to just watch this off-road sport. Reminds me of the toy-car games we indulged in when we were younger.

5. Smelling marijuana at the competition point (yet the police kept passing by after every one hour) and watching people at the highest peak getting down and hoping they wouldn’t fall because that water bottle on the left hand looked like it had some brandy or whiskey in it.

6. The breathtaking view on the way to Marigat, the sound of the crickets, the numerous goats and tortoises on the way, the mouth watering ‘nyama choma’ at the Kikopey stop. The excitement of not knowing exactly where the venue was but using maps to find our way.

7. Meeting people I know at the event; Sandra Bomett, Charlie Black, Wairimu Githuka, Tim Kamuzu Banda, Nivi Mukherjee, whose brother was racing and my gym instructor. And others I have only heard of like the Chairman, Magnate Ventures, Bishop of CocaCola and a Nigerian lady named Panna.

8. Drama caused by one lady picked up by one of the guys; she almost got into a fight with some South African because of throwing to the ground an empty plastic bottle.

9. Dancing at the Capital FM tent in the night, like I would never dance in the wild again. And yea, it was even funnier just sitting to watch the young men from the area dancing to Capital Mixes and the ‘mzungus’ ever so interesting dancing.

10. Sitting around the fire at the campsite with these bunch of guys ( I was the only lady) listening to their sex tales- I couldn’t even believe that guys check out each others ‘ sizes in the gents.

11. Waking up to find two guys missing only for them to later turn up and admitting that they got lost and just couldn’t find their way after drinking and dancing. They said they spend the night in someone’s pick-up.

12. Hearing moaning cat-like sounds and tents moving after midnight and everyone telling everyone what they heard in the morning.

13. Waking up to sausages, goat meat and soup, yet knowing that the three day holiday just might translate to an added kilo or two.

14. Meeting Ruto, a six year old boy with interesting eyes. He had come to our campsite on day one. When we got to the Capital tent, he handed over the little money he had for safe-keeping (funny) to one of the guys and went over to the floor, he ended up dancing with every ‘mzungu’ lady on the floor and downing soda after soda. I bet he had the greatest time of his life.

15. I will never forget Kibet, who tended to us the entire time, watching out tent and cleaning up and our driver Peter sharing his experiences of the wild.

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