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February 2, 2012

One of my favourite poets (and who does wonders for my spiritual journey) is Carmelite nun Jessica Powers. I hereby share ‘God is a strange lover’, a piece I am currently relating to.

God is a strange lover

by Jessica Powers

God is the strangest of all lovers; His ways are past explaining

He sets his heart on a soul; he says to himself

“Here will I rest my love.”

But he does not woo her with flowers or jewels or words that are set to music,

No names endearing, no kindled praise his heart’s  direction prove

His jealousy is an infinite thing. He stalks the soul with sorrows;

He tramples the bloom; he blots the sun that could make her vision dim

He robs and breaks and destroys-there is nothing at last but her

Own shame, her own affliction.

And then he comes and there is nothing in the vast

World but him and her love of him


Not till the great rebellions die and her will is safe

In his hands forever

Does he open the door of light and his

Tendernesses fall, and then for what is seen in the

Soul’s virgin places ,

For what is heard in the heart , there is no speech at all


God is a strange lover; the story of his love is most surprising

There is no proud queen in her cloth of gold; over and over again

There is only, deep in the soul, a poor disheveled woman weeping…

For us who have need of a picture and words;

the Magdalen.


A day with…….The Sunflower Kids Club

November 22, 2010

Nurturing kids talent on a Christian foundation.

Satuarday (13-11-2010) saw me at Logos Christian School along Arboretum Drive, Nairobi by 9.00 a.m. I was ready to spend sometime with award-winning Sunflower Kids Club, the point being to understand exactly how the kids’ talents are nurtured.

The club, an arm of Balozi Productions Limited (an events management and marketing company) was established in 2004 to cater for talented boys and girls between ages 7 and 12. Club members meet every Satuarday at Logos Christian School from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. for training and rehearsals. Members, through their parents or guardians, pay a fixed amount per term to facilitate this.

Based on a Christian foundation, it is no wonder that the bible study class is the very first activity that takes place every Satuarday. Other activities include drama and performing arts like poetry, dancing, singing and acrobatics.

In the bible study class, the teacher, Cindy, picked out a passage from the bible which she discussed with the kids for proper understanding and interpretation. Thereafter, she handed them a word-search activity (based on the passage for the day) which they had to complete before the end of the one hour class. The kids are also assigned a bible verse to memorize at home.

The next class was the acrobatics class, which I found rather intriguing. Their teacher, Dickson, did a great job trying to handle movement, coordination and safety of over ten kids all by himself. Seeing these kids doing those jumps, balances, stretches and remembering the moves left me feeling challenged and wondering, ‘Can I even do this?’

Kids acrobatics

The Sunflower Kids acrobatics class

Seeing how this acrobatics class related to the bible-study one enhanced my understanding of the whole Christian foundation vision; in bible study, they are taught about the ‘cookie-crumbling’ whereby the virtue of hardwork and discipline is taught using bible verses and stories. Cindy, the bible study teacher, did pass by the class and reminded them about letting the ‘cookie crumble’ on noticing that some of them were getting distracted. Yes, these kinds of activities call for total-attention, something that is well-developed here (taking into consideration kids attention-spans).

While the acrobatics class was going on, there was also a singing class led by Colloe.

some of Sunflower Kids Club at Singing class

Colloe, who also sings in a choir, gave the kids lyrics to a new song they were learning and divided them into two groups for voice variation. They also discussed and settled-on the most ideal weekend (for all) to record some songs in the studio.

The next classes were poetry class and dance class which were going on simultaneously. At the poetry class, each of the young poets performed (with words and action) one piece each. Their teacher, Sarah, would then correct them and direct them on how to enhance each of their performances. They also had a piece they plan on performing together (like a choral-verse).

For those who prefer dance to poetry, the dance class by Dan was the place to get hyper-active. I loved watching how the kids interpreted the African dance moves. I was later informed that all of these projects lead to Sunflower Kids Club actual performances on stages/venues around the country-giving them the much needed professional stage to learn and grow.

What I loved about each of these classes is that they all were very interactive, allowing the kids to give their own opinions of certain moves and words. Friendship and values of teamwork are also cultivated in clubs like these. But the over-riding idea of nurturing kids talent from a young age is what we need more of.

Some of the clubs’ achievements include ‘The best children’s song of the year award’ at the Groove Awards 2008, rave reviews of their musical play ‘The Sunflower, the spider and the baby’ performed at the Kenya National Theatre in April 2007. The club also has an album to its name, ‘Mwanga’ which was launched in February 2006. They have also presented the play ’The Sunflower who couldn’t find the sun’ at the Village Market in December 2004.


September 1, 2010


By Eudiah Kamonjo

He speaks to me in silences that burn and stab my spirit

I battle with his mystic and crash under his revelations

I starve everyday. Waiting, longing for answers, fulfillments, A sign

I kill myself because he has snubbed me

And left me on my knees seeking his divine face

He has deserted me in this hell of a spa called life

I burn myself in heated moments of lust in the sauna

And surround myself with kings in high heels and whips

Queens with deep voices, packing plastic between their legs

Because I have fallen short of the glory

I have walked myself to accident-prone areas in stormy nights

Traveled to unknown places with no TV’s and generators that cough

Hoping to inhale eternal peace through the silent breezes

When the moon is right and couples

Facing bent-over entangled in the oceans’ dark salt

They say silence be the enemy

Yet I get my answers

When I listen

Those I have already died for

Time and time and time again

One way to do a sex poem

May 24, 2010

I too like to eat out

For many people (me included) doing a sex poem is not that easy-(By a sex poem I mean, a poem about a sexual experience). This is coz you’d like to do it in a way that’s clear  enough to pass the message across without being too graphic.

To tackle this, poets over the years have used the food metaphor-(comparing sex to food) and this works amazingly well. What method do you use in yours?

Here’s a piece I bumped into (from Pieces of My Heart by  Makeda Silvera) and continue loving and learning from. I love the fact that it’s sensual n’ sweet, and clearly passes the message across-she likes it!

NB: It is written by a woman.

I too like to eat out

By Laura Irene Wayne

I too like to eat

To eat out

I like to eat among the brown, black brush

Pushing, parting, letting

My tongue graze amongst the dew

Searching, touching, tasting

The honey of the flower

I too like to eat out

To eat out

Massaging its petals into

Splendid form

Watching its growth harden


Watering, eating to fill my insatiable appetite

Reading and drinking its sweet wine

Filling up on arousal, excitement

I too like to eat out

To eat out

I relish

Knowing my hunger will

Arise again

And I will find myself

Among the brush

I too like to eat

To eat out

Dis Poem: This is the poem I am loving right now.

April 7, 2010

Dis Poem By  Mutabaruka

Dis poem
shall speak of the wretched
that washed ships to these
of mothers cryin for their
swallowed up by the sea

Dis poem shall say nothin
dis poem shall speak of time
time unlimited time
dis poem shall call names
names like Lumumba
Kenyatta, Nkrumah
Hannibal, Akenaton,

Malcolm, Garvey
Haile Selassie

Dis poem is vexed about
apartheid rascism fascism
the klu klux klan riots in
Brixto, Atlanta
Jim Jones
Dis poem is revoltin’ against
1st world 2nd world

3rd world division

Man made
dis poem is like all the rest
dis poem will not be amongst
great literary works
will not be recited by poetry
will not be quoted by
politicians nor men of

Dis poem  knives, bombs, guns
blood, fire
blazin for freedom

Yes dis poem is a drum
Ashanti, Mau Mau, Ibo, Yoruba
Nyahbingi warriors
uhuru uhuru
uhuru Namibia
uhuru Soweto
uhuru Afrika

Dis poem will not change
dis poem need not to be changed
dis poem is a rebirth of a
arizin awaking
dis poem speak is speakin
have spoken

Dis poem shall continue even
when poets have stopped
dis poem shall survive u me
it shall linger in history
in your mind
in time forever
dis poem is time only time
will tell
dis poem is still not written
dis poem has no poet
dis poem is just a part of the
his-story her-story our-
story the story still untold
dis poem is now ringin talkin
makin u want to stop it
but dis poem will not stop

Dis poem is long cannot be
dis poem cannot be tamed
cannot be blamed
the story is still not told
about dis poem
dis poem is old new
dis poem was copied from
the bible, your prayer book
Playboy Magazine

The N.Y. Times, Readers Digest
The C.I.A. files the K.G.B. files
dis poem is no secret
dis poem shall be called
boring stupid senseless
dis poem is watchin u

to make sense from dis poem
dis poem is messin up your
makin u want to stop
listenin to dis poem
but u shall not stop listenin
to dis poem
u need to know what will be
said next in dis poem
dis poem shall disappoint u
dis poem is to be continued
in your mind in your mind
in your mind your mind…

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