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Grim research

February 24, 2017


The morning after the bombings,

I realized that my bag held three books,

All on the lives of serial killers, grim research for a writing project.

Sure, but I admit I nearly laughed out loud thinking about rescuers who would find me,

How they’d look in my bag and think,’Whoa, maybe this one was for the best!’

-#WordWarrior Cristin O’Keefe in ‘All I’d leave behind’


Quote of the week-by Chimamanda

May 28, 2015
on likeability by chimamanda

on likeability by chimamanda

Quote of the week

April 16, 2015

Women have been boxed to a corner. When they offer themselves for leadership, men tell them to run for that special seat, as though they do not qualify for other positions. I believe that if women are empowered economically, men will be the ones calling for affirmative action.”- Peris Tobiko, Kenya’s first Maasai woman elected to Parliament.

yes we can

yes we can

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