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December 20, 2011

….and bonding with my fellow female karatekas


karate is great!


It’s been two weeks now since I began karate classes. Each of us gets into martial arts for different reasons. Mine? Being a fitness enthusiast, I wanted to push my body further, to test myself. Now, I’m in love……

A certain Sensei once said that ‘Karate is about discipline and the first discipline is showing up for class.’ I haven’t missed a class yet. Only thing missing is my ‘gi’-I don’t have a karate uniform yet, but I’m saving up.

Classes and fellow karatekas

I met two lovely karatekas at Sensei Caleb Atemi’s class. (Mr. Atemi is also the chairman of the Kenya Karate Federation). Sylvia aka Sly and Grace aka Tatiana are their names.

Sometimes, when our Sensei is out of town or a training room is unavailable, we attend Sensei Bon Owiti’s class. (Bon is the National Karate coach, a splendid technique teacher, if I may add).

Here, I additionally met other karatekas; the female ones (I bonded with) being Flozzie and K.C. who I get down to knowing as we trek from class to town after class.

The five of us recently hang-out at Uhuru Park, Nairobi (it’s on the way to Bon’s class) and bonded like cream and nuts. Ofcourse I had to ask questions, and here’s more on them….

the girls chill out

from left: Flozzie, Sly, Tatiana & K.C

Sly…. Is a writer/author whose Sensei  is Mr. Atemi. She started Karate five months ago and already has a yellow belt.  “I love the discipline and the fact that I can use Karate for self-defence (I’m no longer scared when provoked). I also like the fitness bit as it leaves me feeling light on my feet,” she said.

Besides Karate, Sly enjoys writing, music, travelling and sex.

Tatiana…..Cleared high school last year (2010). She is currently helping with the family business, but is planning on studying  Fashion Design in 2012. She started Karate classes when she was in Form 2 (2008). Her  Sensei was Mr. Murimi, a business teacher and counselor at All Saints Academy, Sagana. Her current Sensei is Mr. Atemi. Besides Karate, she enjoys dancing and designing cards. Tatiana will also appear in an upcoming Nimechill advert doing some katas. Anasema amechill, for real. Kiai!!!

K.C………A Form Three student at All Saints Academy, Sagana, K.C. got into serious karate last year (Form 2). Her Sensei is also Mr. Murimi.  “I love Karate because it is fun and I truly enjoy it,” she said.

Besides karate, she enjoys art, drama and dancing.

showing us how...

showing us how

Flozzie….Cleared Form 4 last year (2010) and is planning to study B.Com (Finance) at the University of Nairobi  in 2012. She started Karate classes in 2009 (Form 3). Her Sensi then was Mr. Murimi of All Saints. Today, it is Sensei Bon Owiti. “What I love about Karate is that it can be used both for fitness and for self-defence,” she explained.

Besides Karate, Flozzie loves listening to music, playing phone and card games and chatting on the phone.


I’m the only beginner in my class, but these four young ones are a blessing; inspiring and encouraging along the way.

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